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Looking for an​ extreme makeover or​ just a​ little Nip/Tuck?

Are you​ aware of​ the​ growing trend of​ medical tourism? if​ not,​ consider this,​ have the​ vacation adventure of​ a​ lifetime in​ an​ exotic country,​ with sun,​ sea and pristine white beaches. Your personal assistant awaits you​ at​ the​ airport,​ accompanied by car and driver. you​ are whisked away to​ a​ luxury beach hotel where you​ are warmly greeted and everything has been made “just right” for your arrival. Sound great so far? Now add world class plastic surgery. Got your interest?

The kicker,​ the​ price tag! This “lifestyles of​ the​ rich and famous” treatment will run you​ half the​ cost of​ staying home and having just the​ surgery. Yes,​ you​ heard right half the​ cost of​ staying home and having just the​ surgery! Imagine all this and medical treatment or​ plastic surgery performed by some of​ most qualified surgeons in​ the​ world. No wonder hundreds of​ thousands of​ people annually are exploring the​ advantages of​ medical tourism.

A well-known Dallas socialite who travels every year to​ have "a little work done" said "Why in​ the​ world would I pay double the​ money for half the​ quality?" That's a​ good question. She went further adding,​ “I could never afford the​ top surgeon in​ Dallas,​ but abroad I can,​ and would I really want to​ trust my face or​ body to​ my second choice because my wallet couldn’t stretch far enough?

Plastic surgery and medical tourism trends continue to​ grow every year. Medical tourism is​ expected to​ be a​ global $2 billion dollar market by 2012. Countries where medical tourism is​ being actively promoted include South Africa,​ India,​ Malaysia,​ Philippines Singapore and South America. the​ latter,​ South America is​ known for being home to​ arguably the​ best plastic surgeons in​ the​ world.

There is​ no end in​ sight for the​ worldwide growth of​ medical tourism,​ in​ fact,​ Malaysian Airlines recently announced their plans to​ become the​ first airline to​ book medical holidays direct from their travel agents and ticket counters. the​ giant tour operator Thomas Cook has also announced plans to​ market medical holidays in​ the​ near future.

The worldwide demand for plastic surgery rises every year and as​ more individuals who desire a​ “Nip/Tuck” realize they can afford VIP treatment with a​ top surgeon in​ another country they’re packing their bags and heading to​ the​ airport.

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