My Trip To Travelers Health Care Utopia

Everything was going swimmingly: I got my passport,​ found a​ cheap flight,​ and got my two weeks off of​ work. I was ready for the​ ultimate vacation. on​ a​ tip from a​ friend of​ mine,​ I decided on​ a​ package tour of​ Meditopia,​ an​ island nation often called the​ jewel of​ the​ South Pacific. the​ brochure sent to​ me by Meditopia Adventure Travel displayed pristine white sand beaches,​ lush jungle waterfalls,​ charming locals,​ and,​ strangely,​ a​ photograph of​ their brand new hospital. ‘Our health care is​ free to​ all,​’ the​ caption under the​ photo read. an​ avid scuba diver and lover of​ nature,​ this obscure nation seemed to​ provide it​ all.

I connected to​ Meditopia Air flight number 13 from Bangkok,​ and after sixteen hours of​ travel,​ I arrived into Healthiopolis Airport. Customs was a​ pretty standard procedure,​ although it​ was strange when the​ official seemed disappointed that I did not have any pre-existing medical conditions.

As it​ turned out,​ I arrived in​ the​ middle of​ monsoon season. Despite securing a​ very quick and efficient taxi to​ the​ hotel,​ I was soaking wet and shivering by the​ time I reached the​ front desk. I wasn’t going to​ let some rains dampen my spirit: I celebrated the​ first night of​ my vacation with a​ couple pork dumplings known to​ be a​ local delicacy. Before long I was dreaming of​ the​ swimming,​ hiking,​ and diving I would be doing.

The next morning,​ I awoke to​ an​ intense,​ pounding headache,​ a​ severe sore throat,​ sweats,​ and a​ case of​ diarrhea the​ likes of​ which I never had before. it​ was terrible,​ and I wasn’t sure if​ it​ was the​ rain that soaked me or​ the​ dumplings I had eaten the​ night before. There was a​ knock on​ my door.

“Meditopia Adventure Travel! I am your guide! Good morning!” a​ bubbly voice called.
“I am sorry,​ I’m very sick,​” I sputtered,​ opening the​ door.
“Sir,​ you​ are not well!” a​ portly,​ amiable looking local said.
“Yes,​ perhaps I should sleep it​ off,​” I tried to​ close the​ door,​ but the​ guide would not let me.
“We must take you​ to​ our brand new hospital,​ sir,​”
“No,​ no,​ I don’t have any insurance,​” I said,​ “at least none that would be accepted here.”
“Sir,​ you​ must understand that here,​ in​ Meditopia,​ we pride ourselves in​ our free health care. Even Yankee travelers such as​ yourself can get access to​ our state of​ the​ art facilities.”

I did not believe him,​ but before long I found myself in​ an​ ambulance,​ on​ the​ way to​ the​ hospital. Wrapped in​ blankets,​ upon entry to​ the​ hospital,​ I tried to​ fish out my HMO card,​ but the​ exceedingly friendly nurse waved it​ away. I waited no more than ten minutes before a​ two Doctors waved me into an​ examination room. in​ my feverish delirium,​ I continued to​ wave around my insurance card,​ knowing full well that my plan had no coverage for foreign hospitals. the​ doctors diagnosed my acute food poisoning,​ and set me up with a​ lavish hospital room,​ as​ well as​ a​ free prescription for the​ necessary antibiotics. Good lord,​ I tried to​ give the​ staff money every time they visited,​ but they refused.

I spent my entire vacation recovering in​ the​ hospital ward; it​ was amazing. There wasn’t even any paperwork for me to​ fill out. This land of​ Meditopia was the​ perfect place to​ get sick. Feeling refreshed,​ rested,​ and thankfully,​ in​ peak physical condition,​ I boarded the​ plane hoping to​ get sick here,​ again sometime.
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