My Phobia For Travelling By Air

This article is​ all about the​ fear of​ flying in​ aeroplanes. if​ you​ have this fear or​ phobia,​ you​ are not alone. I myself do not exactly enjoy the​ experience and it​ was not until I was eighteen years of​ age that I managed to​ pluck up enough courage to​ travel by air. I hope you​ enjoy the​ read.

Personally,​ I like to​ be in​ control of​ whatever I do. I stay away from any danger and have never been one for things like roller-coasters. I do not need that particular thrill to​ rock my boat. Some people call me a​ wimp,​ which is​ probably correct. the​ thought of​ travelling by air therefore did not exactly excite me,​ I have to​ admit it​ scared the​ living daylights out of​ me. When I drive a​ car I have an​ element of​ control,​ if​ the​ aircraft crashes for whatever reason,​ my life could be over. I am not the​ pilot,​ I am unable to​ observe any servicing to​ the​ aircraft and I do not know its history.

Like most people,​ I had read that air travel is​ by far and way the​ safest form of​ travel. Guess what,​ I don't care,​ I still would rather drive.

There has been a​ recent television series called Lost. I thought it​ was a​ superb program and I have watched every episode. it​ did not help my phobia of​ flying though.

Due to​ the​ popularity of​ Lost,​ there has since been a​ lot of​ newspaper articles with people describing how they survived an​ aeroplane crash. I wish I had never read their stories as​ I can only imagine the​ fear and terror they must have been through.

During my last plane journey,​ as​ the​ aircraft was taking off an​ amusing thing happened to​ me. the​ take off and landing are always the​ worst aspects of​ the​ whole experience for me,​ and this is​ where I am at​ my most scared. We we travelling down the​ runway,​ gathering speed,​ I gripped the​ armrest tightly,​ hoping that would help and thankfully the​ plane rose into the​ air. the​ person in​ the​ seat next to​ me then asked if​ he could have his hand back. I had not been gripping the​ armrest but had been gripping his hand. I said sorry and continued to​ be brave.
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