My Online Home Business

My Online Home Business.
There are so many reasons why I​ work from home; I​ would like to​ cover a​ few in​ details .​
I​ started working from home because I’m going to​ college online and I​ wanted to​ make some extra money on​ the​ side .​
I​ didn’t realize my online home business would turn out to​ be as​ successful as​ it​ is​ .​
When I​ first thought about the​ idea of​ working from home six months ago; I​ just didn’t think it​ would turn into a​ full-time job .​
I​ now spend more time on​ my website then I​ do on​ my schoolwork .​
Don’t worry!! I’m still on​ schedule to​ graduate in​ July of​ ’06 with over a​ 3.0 grade point average in​ Human Resource Management .​
I​ just never thought how fun it​ would be to​ start a​ website and find ways to​ make it​ profitable; believe me,​ it​ hasn’t been easy .​
The best part about owning your own home business is​ the​ sense of​ pride and gratification you​ get from something you​ have created .​
a​ lot of​ us have and are still working at​ a​ job we can’t stand; we find ourselves not performing up to​ our capabilities for various reasons .​
Before I​ decided to​ go back to​ school almost two years ago; I​ was working as​ a​ car salesman for one of​ the​ most successful Honda dealerships on​ the​ East Coast .​
The money was fantastic but I​ didn’t like the​ atmosphere .​
I​ found myself coming to​ work everyday thinking about other things; when you’re not focused on​ your job,​ your performance slips .​
Even if​ you’re a​ great employee,​ not having focus will drop you​ performance output just enough to​ make you​ unhappy .​
I​ left that job to​ go back to​ school and it​ was the​ best move I’ve ever made .​
While going to​ school online I​ sat around and decided to​ think of​ ways to​ make money online .​
I​ knew it​ could be done; I​ just didn’t know how hard it​ was going to​ be to​ find the​ right program .​
I​ researched quit a​ few programs and spent some money; let me rephrase that last statement; I​ wasted some money .​
There are so many home business scams out there promising whoever signs-up with them will get rich overnight; well,​ there’s no such thing.
Another reason I​ work from home is​ the​ ability to​ learn from and meet new people; if​ you​ start your own home business; you​ better be prepared to​ work with others; the​ only way to​ make it​ in​ this business is​ by learning from those who are already successful .​
I’ve been in​ this business for only six months and I​ consider my self pretty good at​ this home business game; I​ say game because that’s the​ way you​ should treat it .​
For Pete’s sake,​ you’re working from home,​ you​ don’t have a​ boss who’s nagging you,​ and you​ make your own hours,​ it​ doesn’t get any better than that .​
You have to​ treat this like it’s the​ greatest thing that has ever happened to​ you; if​ you​ don’t,​ you’ll get burned out .​
The online home business strategies are changing consistently; if​ you​ don’t have fun with it,​ you’re in​ for a​ hurting .​
Don’t get upset if​ you​ have a​ bad month or​ get behind on​ your website maintenance; sometimes it’s good to​ take a​ break and get reenergized .​
This business is​ a​ marathon; no one makes it​ happen over night .​
Like I​ said before; this is​ supposed to​ be fun .​
Once you​ find yourself loosing interest; take a​ step back and regroup .​
The more fun you​ have the​ more you’ll want to​ work and learn .​
The more work and fun you​ put into your online business,​ the​ more successful you​ will be.
I mentioned before how important it’s to​ learn from others; I​ got lucky because I​ found a​ great mentor within three months of​ my online home business research .​
Erich Winnecke is​ one of​ the​ leaders in​ the​ field of​ Online Home Businesses .​
I​ let him know my school situation,​ and how I​ wanted to​ make some extra cash .​
Erich got back to​ me with some unbelievable ideas and how to​ accomplish them .​
I​ can honestly say I​ wouldn’t be where I​ am today without his help .​
When trying to​ find a​ mentor be sure to​ remember these people are not here to​ do the​ work for you​ .​
They make a​ lot of​ money because they work hard and spend a​ lot of​ time making their own websites more profitable .​
Just try to​ latch onto them and learn .​
They won’t do the​ work for you,​ but if​ you​ show them you​ are hungry,​ they will feed you​ the​ information you​ need to​ get started or​ improve your home business.
When starting your own home based business be prepared to​ spend some time and money on​ your development .​
I​ said I​ started this business six months ago; in​ actuality I’ve been in​ the​ hunt for about three months .​
It took me three months to​ learn and the​ last three months implementing what I​ had learned; oh yeah,​ I’m still learning new things everyday .​
Once you​ become stagnant in​ this business,​ you’ll be in​ trouble .​
What might be working today might not work tomorrow .​
I​ started out working about 8 to​ 10 hours a​ week and now I’m putting in​ about 40 hours a​ week on​ my website and advertisements .​
I​ can usually put in​ 5 hours a​ day during the​ week; I​ would like to​ put in​ more but my internship and schoolwork come first .​
The weekends are when I​ really put the​ pedal to​ the​ medal .​
On the​ weekends I​ usually put in​ 8 hours a​ day on​ my home business; yeah,​ I​ sacrifice some social activities,​ but I​ didn’t start this to​ be average; I​ started my online home business so I​ could open more doors and have a​ bright future .​
The more you​ put in​ the​ more you’ll get out of​ this.
If you’re just starting a​ home business or​ are having trouble keeping one going,​ here’s a​ few tips .​
Be sure to​ find a​ mentor,​ be prepared to​ spend at​ least $300 a​ month,​ put in​ at​ least 8 to​ 10 hours of​ work per week,​ read as​ much information as​ possible,​ join a​ forum that has to​ do with what you’re trying to​ accomplish,​ exchange links with other high traffic websites,​ build up your rankings on​ major search engines like Google and Yahoo,​ write at​ least 20 article a​ month and get them published,​ and like I​ said before; PLEASE HAVE SOME FUN!!! Oh yeah,​ I​ almost forgot; stay away from those scam artists out there; they’re still some of​ us truthful good people out there who are willing to​ help or​ listen to​ any ideas someone might have in​ order to​ better our businesses .​
I’m not a​ genius,​ I’m just someone who wants to​ be successful in​ whatever I​ do; if​ I​ can do it,​ you​ can do it!!
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