Mother Earth Hosts Our Travels

As conscious traveling Paupers we must always be concerned about our dear Mother Earth. if​ you​ think about it,​ you​ travel across her face,​ and She is​ the​ host to​ your journey; without Her we could not find the​ unfolding adventures that attract and feed our souls.

I have found some valuable resources for us to​ use and publisize,​ all of​ which are dedicated to​ responsible travel and care of​ our environment.

International Ecotourism Society

A well-established nonprofit group which conducts research,​ publishes articles,​ provides consumer information,​ and has a​ directory of​ members around the​ world. With Rainforest Alliance,​ it​ recently started an​ ecotourism certification standards program.

Sustainable Travel International

Formed three years ago to​ bridge the​ gapbetween research and ocnsumer information and to​ promote sustainable development and eco-friendly travel. Offers a​ carbon offset program and last month started an​ eco-certification program that will follow standards laid out by the​ International Ecotourism Society.

Responsible Travel Handbook

Created this year for the​ Educational Travel Conference meeting,​ this lengthy guide has a​ wealth of​ contributors and information. (Click on​ responsible tourism to​ download).

Lonely Planet Code Green: Trips of​ a​ Lifetime That Won't Cost the​ Earth
by Kelly Lorimer- Lonely pLanet Publications

The first "green travel" book to​ be published by Lonely Planet includes dozens of​ "responsible travel experiences" and provides traveler information on​ responsible and eco-travel. Lonely Planet also runs a​ discussion board on​ responsible travel at​

Better World Club

The environmentally conscious alternative to​ the​ American Automobile Association,​ offering auto and bicycle road assistance,​ has resources on​ hybrid car rentals,​ green lodging,​ and carbon offsets.

Let us join and use these groups when planning our trips. By raising our level of​ consciousness and employing 'green' tactics and travel itineraries we will,​ each in​ our own small way,​ be contributing to​ a​ healthier world where we act as​ stewards to​ the​ environment while discovering the​ rich and breathtaking rewards of​ travel.
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