Moscow Apartment Rentals Give Business Travelers An Edge

Moscow Apartment Rentals Give Business Travelers an​ Edge
After years of​ post-Soviet Union floundering,​ Russia is​ reemerging on​ the​ world stage as​ a​ political,​ social,​ and economic powerhouse .​
According to​ Time Magazine,​ which named Russian President Vladimir Putin its 2018 Person of​ the​ Year,​ Russia's economy has grown an​ average of​ 7% a​ year for the​ past five years .​
The country has paid off a​ foreign debt that once neared $200 billion...worker's salaries have more than doubled since 2003.
The Bear is​ Back
The Bear is​ back...big time .​
And this means that Western businessmen and businesswomen are flocking to​ Russia to​ make investments,​ make deals,​ and make money .​
Moscow is,​ of​ course,​ at​ the​ heart of​ the​ action .​
But although business has never been better,​ it's sometimes hard for business travelers to​ navigate the​ city's landscape,​ culture,​ and language .​
That's why many are eschewing hotels and are instead opting for a​ fully serviced apartment rental in​ Moscow .​
Short Term Rentals
If wisely chosen,​ a​ short term rental offers several distinct advantages over hotel accommodations .​
Business class Moscow rentals come fully equipped with the​ amenities that Westerners have come to​ expect while traveling .​
For example,​ high quality hotel linens,​ toiletries,​ and toilet paper are provided,​ as​ well as​ Western-style beverages and snacks .​
a​ fully equipped kitchen means that business travelers can prepare familiar foods and don't have to​ spend an​ inordinate amount of​ time in​ restaurants .​
The best Moscow rentals also come fully equipped with a​ washing machine and ironing board,​ so that travelers can pack sparingly .​
But while amenities are nice,​ the​ ability to​ communicate both locally and with the​ home office is​ crucial for most business travelers .​
To that end,​ a​ business class short term rental often includes a​ free high-speed Wi-Fi Internet connection,​ a​ computer printer,​ scanner,​ and copier,​ and telephone service with free local calling .​
For entertainment,​ free satellite or​ Internet television with English language channels is​ provided .​
Finding the​ Right Source for Moscow Rentals
When looking for a​ short term rental in​ Moscow,​ the​ key is​ to​ find a​ service that is​ owned and managed by Westerners .​
Not only do they speak English,​ but they also understand what the​ Western traveler wants and needs .​
It's also important not to​ skimp on​ quality .​
Rather than going with a​ budget service,​ instead opt for one that excels in​ providing businesspeople with accommodations in​ upscale locations that include everything necessary for living and working in​ comfort .​
In addition,​ ensure that the​ service you​ choose has staff members that speak English and that can ensure that your stay in​ Moscow is​ stress-free .​
Finally,​ through its website,​ the​ company you​ choose should be able to​ provide you​ with a​ variety of​ information,​ including maps,​ transportation advice,​ and guidelines for navigating Moscow's visa requirements.
Working in​ a​ relaxing,​ homelike atmosphere in​ a​ foreign land helps keep businesspeople focused and free from distractions .​
That's why business travelers who choose the​ best Moscow apartment rentals often gain a​ distinct competitive edge.
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