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Milan is​ a​ city with diversities it​ offers a​ delightful experience for tourists with varied taste. Everything from modern art to​ contemporary architecture is​ the​ pride of​ city. in​ 569 A.D. Lombard’s conquered Milan and by the​ end of​ eighth century the​ bishops managed to​ compel an​ alliance with emperors. During the​ earlier half of​ year 1000,​ the​ most powerful political figure in​ northern Italy was the​ Archbishop of​ Milan. By the​ year 1117,​ Milan managed to​ become a​ municipality and was at​ liberty from the​ clutches of​ Archbishop. Next it​ developed into a​ “Seigneury” from 1200,​ and gained increased importance as​ a​ major city in​ world. the​ city has been rising since then until lately by 1861 it​ claimed itself a​ place as​ the​ Kingdom of​ Italy.

Milan is​ well known for stupendous art and culture heritage. the​ most famous National Museum of​ Science and technology,​ “Leonardo da Vinci” in​ Milan is​ among world’s best scientific and technical museums. a​ water stretch,​ Navigli in​ Milan allows navigation from Ticino to​ center of​ Milan. Navigli Grande and Navigli Pavese join Milan to​ Pavia and form one of​ the​ most charismatic spots in​ Milan. There are numerous roadside shops and clubs on​ the​ banks of​ these rivers.

The place Brera in​ Milan gives almost the​ look and feel of​ Paris. it​ constitutes most fashionable spot of​ the​ city. the​ area is​ full of​ open-air shops that exhibit loads of​ apparels,​ all of​ which seem to​ be a​ sculpture on​ its own. the​ area includes Via Brera,​ Via Pontaccio,​ Corso Garibaldi and Corso Como,​ these places are also known as​ “luxury Bohemian”.

A perfect place to​ pass free time in​ the​ laps of​ nature is​ a​ large fascinating park having meadows,​ little bridges and lakes located behind Castello Sforzesco. Another place of​ interest is​ the​ Milan Lounge “Galleria Vittorio Emanuele. Walking around the​ arms of​ this lounge provides a​ view of​ restaurants,​ boutiques,​ bookshops and old-coffee stops.

Milan’s platter has witnessed a​ lot of​ changes. it​ offers every kind of​ taste ranging from Chinese cooking to​ Indian,​ African,​ Japanese and Middle Eastern cooking styles. Recently there has been increased demand for Milan’s original traditional food. a​ trip to​ Milan is​ almost incomplete without trying typical native food of​ the​ place. a​ classical Negroni is​ one of​ the​ many aperitifs that can be served with some snacks. Some of​ all time favorite conventional dishes of​ the​ place are Risotto alla Milanese,​ Cassouella and a​ specific Milan cutlet that has a​ very pleasing flavor.

Milan is​ an​ ultimate for fashion freaks and a​ paradise for shoppers. the​ popular Fashion Quadrilatero form the​ magnificent shopping area. the​ place contains top showrooms and boutiques in​ world crammed with articles boosting of​ best designs. All eminent brands and labels on​ earth constituting of​ Chanel,​ Armani,​ Prada,​ D & G,​ Valentino,​ Cartier and many more have their magnificent outlets at​ this place. the​ streets Via Sant’Andrea,​ Via Della Spiga,​ Via Montenapoleone,​ Via Manzoni along with others boosts of​ having warehouses clustered in​ that area. Milan offers a​ never say enough attitude for every flavor of​ life and is​ a​ remains a​ hot favorite among tourists around the​ globe.
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