Making Travel Plans To Paris

Making Travel Plans to​ Paris
Choosing the​ best time of​ year to​ visit Paris:
Deciding on​ the​ time of​ year you​ want to​ go to​ Paris is​ the​ first thing you​ really should do .​
The weather is​ the​ major topic to​ consider first .​
Paris has an​ average of​ 15 snow days a​ year mostly rain and damp in​ the​ winter with occasional winds and rain .​
The average temperature in​ Paris is​ 53 degrees the​ most pleasant weather of​ any capital in​ Europe .​
During the​ summer there are very few days that the​ temperature gets over 85 degrees.
August is​ the​ slow month for activities .​
August is​ their holiday month and many of​ the​ attractions are closed .​
Paris has a​ skeleton staff during this month .​
If you​ want to​ enjoy many activities,​ then you​ may want to​ choose another month to​ visit .​
Want a​ first class hotel while you​ are in​ Paris? July and August are the​ best times to​ be sure of​ getting the​ deluxe room you​ are wanting .​
There are many students in​ Paris during July and August so getting a​ budget room is​ usually out of​ the​ question.
Remember the​ annual auto show is​ in​ late September and early October .​
The hotels are booked during this time so if​ you​ are going to​ see the​ car shows get your reservation in​ early.
I know everyone want to​ travel on​ holidays .​
Paris is​ not the​ place to​ plan you​ trip on​ a​ holiday because most everything closes .​
There are hardly any activities going on​ during the​ holiday seasons.
Whenever going over to​ another country you​ will need a​ passport .​
If you​ not French get a​ passport and be sure to​ check the​ expiration date on​ it,​ passports run out like coupons do .​
U.S .​
Citizens staying less than 90 days don’t need a​ visa .​
When staying longer than 90 days you’ll need to​ apply for a​ long-term visa,​ residence card,​ or​ a​ temporary-visa for you​ stay .​
a​ proof of​ income or​ means of​ income while in​ Paris and a​ good reason why you​ are applying for long-term stay is​ required .​
The U.S .​
State Department can give you​ info and guide you​ through the​ procedure when applying for your passport.
When entering France you​ can only take certain things and amounts with you​ .​
in​ addition,​ when you​ leave France you​ have to​ be careful about what and how much you​ bring back with you​ .​
You can also find out about these restrictions from your state department nearest you.
Are you​ handicap and have special needs .​
Paris is​ better equipped to​ handle handicap than most cities .​
Most of​ the​ more modern hotels and facilities have the​ necessary equipment and rooms for the​ handicap and elderly .​
You should contact ahead of​ time to​ let them know what you​ need; or​ if​ you​ are going through a​ travel agency,​ they can do it​ for you.
Trains are even equipped for the​ handicap and special needs that you​ might have to​ have when traveling around Paris .​
The older trains have compartments for the​ wheelchair and guide dogs but the​ newer one are made with the​ handicap in​ mind.
When going to​ Paris it​ is​ a​ good idea to​ check with the​ French Government Tourist office in​ your area .​
They can help you​ make all your decisions .​
There are different packages that a​ person can get to​ fit their budget .​
Travel Packages and Escorted Tour packages are different so is​ sure you​ know what you​ are looking for.
When deciding on​ your travel package it​ usually includes the​ airfare,​ accommodations,​ car rentals airport transfers even help you​ decide on​ the​ activities you​ might have in​ mind.
The Escorted Tour is​ a​ group of​ people going on​ the​ same trip together along with and escort .​
Everything is​ planned out for you​ from the​ time you​ leave home until you​ return.
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