Making Air Travel A Breeze Part 1 Finding The Right Deal

You have probably seen plenty of​ commercials for websites and travel services promising the​ lowest prices on​ airfare. While many of​ these advertised services can be helpful,​ many only scratch the​ surface. the​ key to​ finding the​ best air travel deals and packages is​ always research. This article will outline the​ best sources for discount airfare based on​ different types of​ travel agendas. you​ might be surprised to​ learn about all of​ the​ services you’ve missed – and the​ fact that travel agents can still come in​ handy! After the​ discussion of​ sources for discount airfare,​ you​ will also find some helpful tips for securing the​ best tickets,​ regardless of​ your travel plans.

When starting your search for airfare it​ certainly never hurts to​ look at​ sites like and,​ but those who understand the​ ins and outs of​ discount air travel never stop here. if​ you​ have a​ set date and location,​ professionals recommend using aggregator websites. These web services search hundreds of​ online travel sites for the​ best deals on​ airfare,​ often picking up deals that the​ popular travel sites miss. These sites include:


If you​ know where and when you​ are flying but need to​ find tickets for the​ next two weeks,​ try This website offers travel packages on​ short notice and oftentimes you​ can find hotel and airfare package deals that beat the​ price of​ traditional plane tickets alone.

If your travel dates are flexible within a​ 3-day range,​ use’s unique search feature. However,​ if​ your dates are flexible within a​ month range,​ use,​ and All of​ these sites feature search engines that can generate the​ best possible rates over a​ 30-day period.

If you​ are truly a​ flexible traveler and are open to​ multiple locations,​ several sites offer rate searches based on​ your point of​ origin. For instance,​ if​ you​ want to​ go to​ Mexico and don’t mind if​ you​ end up in​ Puerto Vallarta or​ Cancun,​ these searches can save you​ plenty of​ money. in​ addition to​ the​ aforementioned and,​ other services that allow multiple location comparison searches include and

Another useful internet tool for finding affordable airfare is​ the​ price history search offered by,​ and With this function,​ you​ will be able to​ compare current rates with previous deals to​ help you​ determine when to​ pull the​ trigger on​ a​ price.

Another great option is​ a​ site like that gathers all of​ the​ best advertised deals. While you​ can’t book your airfare directly through such websites,​ these services work directly with airlines and travel providers to​ publish the​ best prices on​ a​ daily basis.

While travel agents may seem like a​ thing of​ the​ past,​ they still possess a​ number of​ distinct advantages. Unlike websites,​ a​ call to​ travel agent connects you​ to​ someone who knows the​ airline system and can find special deals and flights that other services miss. For instance,​ travel agents often work with consolidators – companies that sell heavily discounted airfare. as​ consolidators don’t sell to​ the​ public,​ many incredible deals are only available to​ travel agents. Furthermore,​ if​ you​ have specific needs – such as​ a​ complicated itinerary,​ special requests for accommodations or​ simply aren’t comfortable making preparations online – a​ travel agent can be indispensable.

Now that you​ know where to​ look for airfare deals,​ here are a​ few more tips to​ ensure that you​ always get the​ best price:

• Start looking for deals on​ airfare as​ soon as​ you​ start planning your vacation,​ because more time to​ search means a​ better chance of​ finding the​ best price.

• if​ you​ have searched rates for awhile and a​ good price becomes available,​ reserve your seats immediately.

• if​ you​ are traveling within the​ U.S.,​ check the​ websites for JetBlue and Southwest Airlines. These low-cost carriers usually don’t show up in​ the​ travel search engines.

• Many travel professional now recommend buying tickets directly through airline websites,​ rather than sites like and Most airlines now guarantee the​ lowest rates on​ their own sites and you​ will be able to​ avoid the​ service charges of​ the​ travel sites. Additionally,​ if​ anything goes wrong on​ your vacation,​ your airline will be more willing to​ work with you​ if​ your ticket was purchased directly.
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