Make The Most Of Your Train Travel Experience

Although train travel is​ not the​ most popular method of​ getting around (air is​ faster,​ your car is​ more convenient,​ the​ bus is​ cheaper,​ etc.),​ it​ offers one of​ the​ most unique travel experiences you’ll ever have.

In fact,​ if​ you’ve decided to​ take the​ train—whether you’re planning on​ traversing across the​ U.S. or​ Canada from one end to​ the​ other,​ or​ whether you’re traveling between countries in​ Europe—there are a​ number of​ things you​ can do to​ make the​ most of​ your train travel experience and really enjoy it.

First of​ all,​ plan to​ travel for quite a​ long time—for sure longer than if​ you​ would go the​ same distance by car. if​ you​ expect long hours ahead of​ time,​ you​ won’t be quite as​ annoyed when it​ seems to​ be taking forever or​ the​ train schedule is​ delayed,​ which can happen.

Because of​ the​ long hours involved,​ pack along different activities you​ can do throughout the​ ride. Reading is​ the​ perfect activity for train rides,​ as​ trains are more conducive to​ reading than busses or​ even cars because of​ the​ smoothness and stability. Bring along several books,​ magazines,​ comics,​ or​ newspapers—whatever it​ is​ you​ like to​ read.

Crossword puzzles are also fun to​ do during train travel. Other writing activities,​ such as​ word searches,​ word jumbles,​ writing long overdue letters to​ friends and family,​ and journaling make great train travel activities.

Take your portable CD player with your favorite CDs or​ your iPod to​ listen to​ music while you’re enjoying the​ ride. you​ can simultaneously relax and enjoy the​ scenery while listening to​ some tunes. Train rides are notorious for the​ scenery,​ so take some time to​ really soak in​ the​ sights.

If you’re train traveling with children,​ the​ “Are we there yet?” question can seriously drive you​ insane,​ so it’s essential to​ pack along plenty of​ activities for them to​ do along the​ way. Reading books,​ activity books,​ sticker books,​ coloring books and crayons,​ quiet toys,​ and video games make great kid companions for long train rides. Don’t forget to​ pack plenty of​ kid-friendly snacks as​ well as​ pillows for naps.

Try interacting with your fellow train passengers in​ a​ friendly,​ respectful,​ and polite manner. you​ can roam around and meet other travelers. if​ you’re traveling with your family and you​ find another family with young children,​ you​ may want to​ try to​ get the​ kids to​ play together so the​ adults can enjoy some conversation.

And don’t forget to​ take advantage of​ the​ restaurant or​ café car,​ if​ there is​ one. Pack everyone up and head there at​ meal times and enjoy a​ leisurely meal,​ or​ at​ least a​ snack or​ beverage. This will certainly shave off some time during your train travel.
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