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New Delhi,​ part of​ what is​ commonly referred to​ as​ just Delhi (yes,​ there is​ an​ Old Delhi),​ is​ the​ most ideal base from which to​ discover the​ marvels and wonders of​ India’s ancient subcontinent. Travel to​ New Delhi to​ discover India’s capital city,​ one of​ the​ oldest existing cities in​ the​ world,​ then journey to​ Agra to​ see the​ Taj Mahal and heighten your senses in​ the​ Himalayas on​ your way back. Find airfare to​ New Delhi in​ minutes with cFares and experience the​ colorful mosaic of​ east and west cultures in​ the​ heart of​ a​ Delhi marketplace before you​ know it!

Not So New Delhi

It is​ believed that Delhi has been destroyed and rebuilt nearly a​ dozen times since its original establishment sometime close to​ 5000 years ago; surprisingly,​ this fact only adds to​ the​ incredible historical appeal of​ the​ clustered districts,​ royal edifices and spiritual sanctuaries. the​ generational layers of​ history and architecture are apparent in​ monuments,​ public art displays,​ and ancient gardens as​ New Delhi expanded to​ the​ south of​ the​ old city,​ incorporating preexisting communities and infrastructure.

Today,​ New Delhi is​ considered the​ center of​ the​ city and also the​ seat of​ government. the​ colossal Rashtrapati Bhavan (Presidential Palace) is​ a​ magnificent structure originally titled the​ Viceroy’s House under British rule. the​ 350 room palace displays a​ well studied blend of​ classical Greek and Indian architecture. if​ you​ are lucky enough to​ travel to​ New Delhi in​ February you​ will find the​ blooming red rose gardens open to​ the​ public. Make your way to​ the​ east side of​ New Delhi and back into time at​ the​ Red Fort,​ one of​ the​ most glorious royal compounds still standing today. Notable buildings include the​ Jewel Palace,​ Mumtaz Mahal,​ which once housed the​ Sultan’s harem and the​ Diwan-i-Khas,​ Hall of​ Private Audience,​ which was constructed entirely of​ marble.

Navigating New Delhi

New Delhi is​ centered about to​ major circles: Connaught Place and India Gate. Connaught Place is​ an​ excellent place to​ begin your walking and get acquainted with the​ pace and lifestyle of​ India’s bustling commercial zones. you​ will find the​ largest collection of​ crafts and trade stores in​ the​ comfort of​ indoor air conditioning as​ well as​ excellent bargaining opportunities. to​ the​ south,​ India Gate stands as​ a​ monument to​ Indian soldiers who died in​ World War I. Nearby you​ will find the​ National Museum,​ a​ must see for comprehensive Indian culture and heritage,​ and the​ Tibet House,​ founded by the​ Dalai Lama to​ promote the​ preservation and perseverance of​ Tibetan culture. the​ long wide avenue from India Gate to​ the​ President’s Palace,​ Rajpath,​ provides a​ wonderful escape for a​ quieter walk and expanses of​ grass ideal for a​ midday picnic.

Remember to​ take the​ extremes of​ weather into account when booking your airfare to​ New Delhi on​ cFares. the​ summer months exceed 90 degrees Fahrenheit on​ a​ regular basis while late spring offers the​ rainy season and the​ winter months drop all the​ way down to​ zero. the​ ideal time to​ explore the​ vast and monumental sights of​ New Delhi is​ during October-November and February-March when temperatures are more mild on​ average.
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