Magnificent Travel Destinations On The South American Continent

If you​ are interested in​ adding new intriguing and exciting destinations to​ your travel itinerary,​ don’t miss the​ opportunity to​ spend your holiday in​ South America. By choosing to​ travel to​ this magnificent continent,​ you​ will have the​ chance to​ discover remarkable cultures and civilizations with a​ great history behind them,​ driven by the​ temperamental but also very welcoming Latin spirit. Some of​ the​ most prominent and important countries in​ South America,​ representing true symbols for the​ South American continent,​ Argentina,​ Colombia,​ Venezuela,​ Brazil and Panama have a​ very well-developed potential for tourism,​ attracting overwhelmingly large numbers of​ tourists each year.

These magnificent countries have known great progress and development in​ the​ last few decades,​ despite their struggled historical past,​ dominated by political conflicts and interests. Nowadays,​ these splendid countries on​ the​ South American continent are among the​ most requested holiday destinations,​ enchanting visitors with a​ wide variety of​ tourist sites and resorts,​ both old and modern remarkable architectonic structures,​ large and imposing metropolitan areas,​ all revealing the​ ingenious,​ innovative and hard-working character of​ their inhabitants.

The remarkable economic achievements of​ these major countries in​ South America are direct proportional with their high potential for tourism. Thanks to​ their great history,​ culture,​ music,​ as​ well as​ the​ amazing beauty of​ their urban and rural establishments,​ and not to​ mention their accomplishments regarding the​ much-treasured Latin passion – football,​ Brazil,​ Argentina,​ Colombia,​ Venezuela and Panama have become extremely popular worldwide. Their continuously increasing popularity has determined a​ pronounced development of​ their tourism,​ drawing millions of​ tourists towards their borders.

If you​ decide to​ travel to​ Brazil,​ you​ will be amazed by the​ staggering beauty of​ this great South American country. Among the​ most requested Brazil travel destinations are its capital,​ Brasilia,​ and major cities such as​ Sao Paulo,​ Salvador and Rio de Janeiro. Famous for its majestic carnivals,​ magnificent natural resorts,​ tropical climate and the​ exuberance of​ its inhabitants,​ Brazil is​ a​ highly requested holiday destination. Renowned as​ an​ important center for tourism of​ the​ South American continent,​ Brazil attracts overwhelmingly large numbers of​ visitors each year. Brazil has a​ well-developed and extended network of​ airports,​ air travel facilitating the​ visiting tourists’ access to​ major cities and various other locations between or​ beyond the​ borders of​ the​ country. Thanks to​ modern infrastructure and the​ variety of​ airports present here,​ flights to​ Brazil are the​ quick and comfortable way of​ traveling to​ this intriguing region of​ South America.

Similar to​ Brazil,​ Argentina is​ also a​ major center for tourism in​ South America. the​ most popular Argentina travel destinations are its capital - Buenos Aires,​ Mar del Plata – the​ main tourist resort situated on​ the​ Atlantic Coast,​ La Plata,​ Santa Fe,​ Santa Cruz,​ Cordoba,​ Mendoza and San Juan. Combining the​ Latin mentality with European cultural influences,​ Argentina is​ a​ welcoming country for anyone who wishes to​ discover new interesting locations. Thanks to​ the​ well developed network of​ airports present here,​ the​ best way to​ travel around the​ country is​ by air. Apart from being very comfortable,​ Argentina flights have the​ benefit of​ being inexpensive as​ well. Travel to​ Argentina and you​ are guaranteed to​ have the​ time of​ your life!

Although they are much smaller in​ size than Brazil and Argentina,​ Colombia,​ Venezuela and Panama are also important tourist centers of​ the​ South American continent. Vacations in​ Colombia,​ Venezuela and Panama are exciting and intriguing experiences for both regular travelers and occasional visitors. the​ most requested Colombia travel destinations are Bogotá,​ Cartagena,​ Cali,​ Villa de Leiva,​ San Augustin and San Andres. Among the​ most desired Venezuela travel destinations are Caracas,​ Puerto la Cruz,​ Isla Margarita,​ Isla El Grand Roque,​ Isla La Tortuga,​ Merida and Puerto Ayacucho. Popular Panama travel destinations are Panama City,​ Bocas del Toro,​ Boquete,​ Isla Contadora,​ Guadalupe,​ Isla Bastimentos,​ Isla Taboga and Almirante.

Whether you​ decide to​ visit these countries for the​ beauty of​ their tropical landscapes,​ shores and beaches,​ for their ancient cultural resorts and the​ variety of​ historical tourist sites or​ simply to​ interact with the​ exuberating,​ welcoming locals,​ spending your vacations on​ the​ Latin American continent is​ definitely a​ remarkable and unforgettable experience!
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