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A good traveler has no fixed plans,​ and is​ not intent on​ arriving (Lao Tzu,​ Chinese traveler). Now whether you​ want to​ do a​ spot of​ armchair traveling,​ or​ plan a​ family trip,​ or​ even catch up on​ your knowledge of​ world geography and culture,​ then you​ must be a​ subscriber to​ at​ least one travel magazine. Many people fall in​ the​ first category,​ and they have more knowledge than most frequent flyers. Take Herge,​ for example,​ the​ man who created Tintin. He never set foot out of​ his country his entire life,​ but he sent Tintin everywhere. And how did he know where to​ send him? Armchair traveling to​ the​ rescue!

Not all of​ us are minting money,​ and we would want to​ know how to​ make a​ weekend worthwhile,​ beyond the​ neighbor’s Sunday barbeque,​ or​ a​ visit to​ the​ grandparents. Arthur Frommer’s Budget Travel Magazine is,​ then,​ for you. it​ lists the​ hottest spots,​ resorts and tourist attractions,​ worldwide. And yes,​ these places are accessible to​ the​ most penny-wise traveler.

The US of​ a​ is​ a​ marvelous country. There is​ plenty to​ see and it​ has the​ best roads possible. if​ you​ missed out on​ a​ road trip during your college days,​ we suggest you​ subscribe to​ the​ American Road Magazine. This magazine will give you​ the​ history of​ America’s historic highways,​ and the​ events and the​ people associated with them.

Does your business often require you​ to​ travel? Are you​ the​ type who has a​ collection of​ overnight attaches? There is​ one magazine dedicated entirely to​ many business people is​ the​ Business Traveler Magazine. the​ articles in​ this magazine will not waste your time with tempting offers and vacation ideas,​ but will give you​ the​ update on​ the​ most feasible business offers in​ resorts and hotels,​ so that you​ can plan your out-of-town seminars or​ business lunches without running into holidaying families or​ relatives.

What if​ you​ are not willing to​ while away your time even when you​ are abroad? Do you​ believe that the​ only way you​ can learn about the​ culture of​ another country is​ by living the​ way the​ natives do,​ even if​ it​ is​ for two weeks? Then Transitions Abroad Magazine is​ the​ periodical for you. it​ has information on​ vacation jobs,​ accommodation,​ voluntary work,​ as​ well as​ living with local families.

However,​ if​ all you​ want is​ a​ luxurious vacation,​ and you​ can afford it,​ then the​ Cruise Travel Magazine is​ your guide. it​ may just have some affordable prices listed for a​ short cruise. Itineraries and ports-of-call are listed here,​ and you​ can look forward to​ a​ great time without any worries. Just plan like they tell you​ to.

If you​ are a​ serious travel magazine buff,​ then your month is​ incomplete without the​ most revered National Geographic Traveler Magazine. This is​ the​ magazine that teaches you​ the​ art of​ traveling,​ with its fascinating stories from across the​ globe. No trip to​ Europe or​ the​ Bahamas is​ complete without prior advice from National Geographic.

And if​ you​ want to​ really live it​ up,​ and add excitement and adventure to​ your holiday,​ then the​ National Geographic Adventure Magazine is​ for you. you​ can live vicariously as​ a​ biker,​ cross-countries across Australia,​ or​ as​ a​ team of​ college footballers climb the​ Everest.
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