Lure Your Muse Out Through Travel

Travel is​ such a​ creativity sparker! Our Muses – that part of​ us that represents our deep creativity - love it​ when we get out of​ our routines,​ go to​ new places and venture out of​ our comfort zones. Here are a​ few reminders about what to​ do to​ make your Muse happy while you​ are traveling.

Open your senses. Summer is​ the​ season to​ indulge all of​ our senses. the​ feel of​ the​ warm air on​ our skin,​ the​ smell of​ fresh cut grass and barbeque,​ the​ sound of​ the​ ice cream truck connect us to​ memories of​ our childhood. Alongside the​ memories are new opportunities to​ create new sense memories and to​ be fully present in​ the​ moment.

Try new foods,​ drinks,​ places,​ and people. Your Muse loves new. She loves things that spark her imagination. What new places can you​ find? What people bring you​ a​ fresh way of​ seeing life? What food have you​ heard of​ but never tried? Give it​ a​ go now!

Engage your body. Indulge your body with swimming,​ lying on​ the​ grass,​ the​ beach,​ eating juicy fruits,​ bicycling,​ hiking,​ dancing. Mmmmm. Our creativity is​ expressed through the​ body and released when we give our ole body loving attention.

Initiate conversation with strangers. Some of​ the​ best creative accidents happen when we interact with others. Be willing to​ sit next to​ a​ stranger at​ a​ café or​ make a​ comment to​ someone next to​ you​ at​ a​ museum. Use your instincts to​ choose your new friends. Forget what your parents taught you​ about talking to​ strangers and be open to​ new interactions.

While you’re at​ it,​ forget conventional wisdom entirely. It’s the​ bane of​ the​ creative experience. While it’s tempting to​ get advice from people about what to​ do and see while traveling,​ take it​ with a​ grain of​ salt. Let your Muse lead you​ to​ adventurous experiences instead.

Get lost and be open to​ discovering new routes,​ perspectives and ideas. Huh? Can't figure it​ out? Great. That not knowing opens you​ up to​ possibility,​ the​ field where your Muse loves to​ hang out. the​ ability to​ dwell in​ the​ unknown is​ the​ key to​ being able to​ let your Muse have your way with you. if​ you’re too concerned with looking good,​ playing safe and being a​ know-it-all,​ kiss your Muse goodbye.

Give yourself time and space to​ do nothing. Sit on​ a​ bench,​ on​ a​ beach,​ in​ a​ café,​ wherever you​ can just chill out and let nothing happen. Your Muse loves to​ whisper ideas in​ your ear,​ but when you​ are constantly moving,​ it's difficult to​ get your attention! Stop and take breaks and let life,​ and your creativity in.

Capture inspiration when it’s happening. Take time to​ jot notes,​ save ephemera (museum tickets,​ cards,​ metro tickets) in​ your notebook. Capture words or​ dialogue that strike you. Don’t think that you​ need to​ chronicle everything in​ narrative form – it​ will take too long and you’ll end up not doing it. By recording your experiences while you​ travel rather than waiting until you​ get home,​ you’ll have a​ richer experience in​ the​ moment.

Enjoy these ways that getting out of​ your normal zone can open you​ up to​ new creative ventures. Your Muse will thank you!
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