Losing A Pet Is Like Losing Any Loved One

Anyone who has allowed a​ pet to​ become a​ part of​ their life understands that a​ pet is​ a​ member of​ your family. When you​ lose that pet,​ whether unexpectedly or​ from old age,​ it​ does not change the​ fact that a​ hole has been left in​ your life. you​ still need to​ take the​ time to​ grieve your loss until someday,​ you​ feel able to​ celebrate your pet's life.

Unfortunately,​ many people do not understand your grief,​ and their lack of​ understanding may cause them to​ inadvertently hurt you​ further. They may do this by acting as​ though the​ pet never existed and your grief is​ not real,​ or​ by making the​ suggestion that it​ was just a​ dog,​ cat,​ ferret,​ or​ whatever and can be replaced.

If you've ever loved a​ pet,​ you​ know that they cannot "just be replaced",​ much like a​ person cannot be replaced. I'd like to​ offer some suggestions that may help you​ in​ your grieving process:

•Do not try to​ rush yourself through the​ grief process. Telling yourself that it​ was just a​ pet and you​ shouldn't feel this way just invalidates your feelings and makes you​ feel worse. Accept your grief and understand that only time will heal you.

•If you​ are not comfortable doing so,​ do not rush to​ get rid of​ everything that may remind you​ of​ your pet. Sometimes removing everything that reminds us of​ the​ pet that has shared our life for years just makes the​ emptiness seem larger.

•Seek out others who understand how you​ feel. Many people understand what you​ are feeling,​ and an​ ear and a​ box of​ tissues will make you​ feel better.

•Make a​ picture collage to​ celebrate your pet's life. you​ can include pictures from every stage of​ your pet's life as​ a​ reminder of​ the​ good times you've shared with your pet.

•Light a​ candle to​ your pet. on​ our resources page,​ there is​ a​ link to​ a​ website where you​ can light a​ "virtual candle" for free. you​ may find comfort by doing this.

•Buy a​ picture pet urn or​ memory box. if​ you​ cremate your pet,​ you​ can store the​ ashes in​ it. if​ you​ do not cremate your pet,​ or​ if​ you​ scatter the​ ashes,​ you​ can store a​ favorite ball or​ leash inside to​ create a​ memorial to​ your pet. it​ doesn't have to​ be expensive to​ be attractive.

•When you​ are ready to​ bring another pet into your life,​ it​ may be better to​ get a​ different breed. the​ new pet will never replace the​ one that you​ lost. it​ will have its own unique personality and you​ will enjoy the​ bonding process more if​ you​ are not comparing it​ to​ your previous pet.

For additional ideas on​ coping with pet loss,​ please visit Petzurn.com
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