Light Travel Carry On Only

Light travel? the​ last time my wife and I went to​ Ecuador,​ I had 10 pounds of​ luggage,​ all in​ one carry-on bag. Ana had just 8 pounds in​ her carry-on bag. We spent six weeks in​ Ecuador,​ at​ times on​ glacier-covered mountains,​ and at​ other times lounging on​ Pacific coast beaches.

Why travel lightweight? Simplicity. With only carry-on luggage,​ we were in​ a​ restaurant in​ Quito,​ while others still waited for their checked luggage. on​ busses our luggage was safely with us,​ not in​ the​ hold below being cut open,​ like one time when I was in​ Mexico. Others struggled down the​ street with three heavy bags,​ while we had our hands free and were walking comfortably with our daypacks. We had less to​ lose,​ less to​ be stolen,​ less to​ wait for,​ less to​ pack and unpack in​ hotels,​ and less to​ worry about.

Light Travel Issues

Expect an​ extra question or​ two from the​ customs officials at​ the​ airport (Six weeks with only this?). Also,​ a​ small bag may not work if​ you​ plan to​ bring back many souvenirs. in​ this case,​ you​ could plan to​ buy a​ second bag at​ some point,​ to​ carry your acquisitions. as​ for not having enough clothes and other things,​ it​ isn't as​ big a​ problem as​ you​ may think.

My silk shirts weigh three ounces,​ and travel well if​ rolled up. Nylon dress socks weigh less than an​ ounce,​ and are cool and comfortable. Poly-cotton blend t-shirts weigh 5 ounces. Supplex or​ other lightweight travel slacks weigh 9 ounces,​ and are sufficient for a​ fine restaurant or​ a​ walk in​ the​ woods. Half of​ what typical travel clothes weigh,​ these take less space,​ and function the​ same. There's no sacrifice involved here.

You don't even have to​ buy new clothes,​ if​ you​ don't want to. you​ don't have to​ buy a​ scale and count ounces. Just choose lighter alternatives whenever you​ can. Set aside your lightest jacket,​ socks and pants for your next trip. Simplicity,​ not complicated planning,​ is​ the​ goal.

More Light Travel Secrets

Money can replace weight. Why carry two pounds of​ shampoo when you​ can buy small bottles as​ you​ travel? it​ won't cost much more to​ buy things as​ you​ go. Also,​ you​ really don't know what you'll need,​ particularly on​ an​ overseas trip. Buy things as​ you​ need them,​ and you​ won't have a​ pile of​ useless things in​ your luggage. Don't we all regularly unpack things at​ home that we never once used during a​ trip?

Gifts and souvenirs? if​ you​ buy bulky gifts for family or​ friends,​ why carry them around for weeks? Put them in​ the​ mail.

What I Took For Six weeks in​ Ecuador:

* 8 pairs of​ thin nylon socks (less than an​ ounce per pair)
* 2 silk shirts for restaurants and discos (3 ounces each)
* 4 poly/cotton blend t-shirts (5-6 ounces each)
* 5 pair of​ light underwear (2-3 ounces each)
* 1 extra pair of​ lightweight slacks (9 ounces)
* Single layer nylon shorts for hiking or​ swimming (2 ounces)
* Thin gloves (1 ounce)
* Thin hat (1 ounce - honestly)
* Thin wool sweater (11 ounces)
* Waterproof/breathable rainsuit (14 ounces for the​ set)
* Light plastic camera (3 ounces)
* Sunglasses (1 ounce)
* Small chess set (3 ounces)
* Bathroom kit (5 ounces)
* Maps,​ notebook and various small things (3 or​ 4 pounds)

My pack weighed ten pounds. My wife's weighed 8 pounds. We never felt deprived. I'm not suggesting you​ start counting ounces (that comes from my backpacking days),​ or​ that you​ buy all new lightweight things. Just start setting aside your lightest shirts,​ socks,​ etc.,​ and you​ can enjoy the​ benefits of​ light travel.
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