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Georgia is​ deeply entrenched in​ United States history,​ big business corporations,​ and welcoming hometown hospitality. the​ Peach State is​ overflowing with American heritage,​ monuments,​ battlefields and museums as​ well as​ sandy beaches and forested hiking trails. Travel down south this season to​ Georgia for a​ truly revolutionary experience.

Gone With the​ Wind… Not Quite

Georgia is​ probably most famous in​ history for its Civil War participation in​ the​ Confederacy. Union General Sherman’s "March to​ the​ Sea" burned just about everything from Atlanta to​ Savannah. the​ battle and the​ following massacre of​ fire inspired the​ famous novel and movie,​ Gone with the​ Wind,​ which takes place in​ Atlanta’s neighboring Marietta. Travel to​ the​ Marietta Gone with the​ Wind Museum to​ see the​ greatest collection of​ memorabilia and historical accounts related to​ the​ event. the​ museum is​ located on​ Marietta Square,​ a​ historic location surrounded by unique boutiques,​ exhibits and parks.

Interestingly,​ Sherman agreed not to​ burn Savannah after the​ mayor allowed his troops full run of​ the​ city. What results today is​ one of​ the​ only southern cities with authentic antebellum architecture and the​ colonial charm of​ Georgia’s first city. Savannah is​ an​ eclectic and often open-minded Georgian city,​ notorious for its parties and drinking and well rounded with Savannah College of​ Arts & Design,​ numerous theaters,​ countless annual festivals and a​ plethora of​ historic sites that are still standing.

Travel Georgia’s Guaranteed Getaways

Georgia offers an​ amazing array of​ activities and outdoor spaces,​ including the​ beautiful green and rugged paths of​ the​ Appalachian Trail. Hike portions of​ this winding trail or​ start from the​ beginning in​ Springer Mountain. Jekyll Island was once the​ prestigious private club getaway for the​ likes of​ the​ Vanderbilts and Rockefellers; but today its 5 miles of​ beaches,​ resorts and condos are open to​ the​ public. Vacation with Georgians during the​ summer and enjoy golfing,​ fishing,​ or​ snorkeling.

Also a​ bastion of​ modern history,​ Georgia features the​ legacies of​ national and international figures such as​ President Jimmy Carter and civil rights pioneer Martin Luther King,​ Jr. the​ capital city of​ Atlanta hosts the​ Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site,​ which preserves his childhood home and church among other exhibits. the​ Jimmy Carter National Historic Site is​ located near Plains,​ Georgia,​ and preserves such places as​ Carter’s home,​ school and railroad depot for generations hence to​ enjoy.

When you​ book your airfare to​ Georgia you​ will also be able to​ visit the​ solemn Trail of​ Tears National Historic Trail,​ the​ very same trail that the​ Cherokee Tribe took when they were forced to​ relocate to​ the​ west in​ 1838 while some 4,​000 individuals perished along the​ way.

Travel to​ Georgia is​ a​ journey through time with all the​ luxuries and amenities of​ the​ perfect vacation along the​ way. From the​ mountain trails to​ the​ sunny beaches and rural countryside to​ major metropolises,​ Georgia is​ ready for you.
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