Lets Travel Back To Mississippi

It’s time to​ ad Mississippi back to​ our travel destination,​ for both business and pleasure. Katrina really put a​ wallop in​ the​ Mississippi economy so it’s time now to​ support the​ rebuilding effort along with the​ local economy.

If you​ are like me,​ you​ may find it​ hard to​ determine just where to​ go in​ Mississippi. Unlike New Orleans in​ Louisiana,​ or​ Orlando in​ Florida,​ Mississippi doesn’t have a​ marquis destination. But,​ this is​ the​ good news!! it​ will be good for a​ change to​ travel to​ somewhere that is​ not mobbed with tourists our mouse ears.

Here are a​ few ideas:
Ocean Springs Elks Mardi Gras Parade,​ February
Parade begins on​ East Beach by the​ site of​ the​ former Ocean Springs Yacht Club and will go through downtown Ocean Springs and finish by the​ Ocean Springs High School.

Elvis Presley Festival,​ June
The Tupelo Convention & Visitors Bureau and the​ Elvis Presley Festival
invite you​ to​ celebrate the​ 50th Anniversary of​ Elvis’ Homecoming
to Tupelo,​ Mississippi at​ the​ 8th Annual Elvis Presley Festival!

The Great Mississippi River Balloon Race,​ October
Pilots compete in​ "Hare & Hounds" and "The Barge Drop" as​ they fly over antebellum homes and the​ mighty Mississippi River.

The Jimmie Rodgers Memorial Festival,​ May
The Jimmie Rodgers Memorial Festival has become a​ showcase of​ talent for some very well known artist over the​ past forty nine years.

Neshoba County Fair,​ July
Political,​ agricultural,​ and social exchanges of​ knowledge and ideas.

Vicksburg Riverfest,​ April
Schedule of​ great events include a​ kayak race from Lake Providence to​ Vicksburg,​ the​ Alcorn Jazzfest,​ a​ block of​ activities for young visitors,​ and the​ chance to​ see everyone you​ know and everyone you​ haven't seen for a​ long time. And bands and music all day long.

That will get you​ started back to​ Mississippi,​ there is​ a​ ton of​ information available at​ the​ Mississippi tourism web site at​ www.state.ms.us.
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