Leisure Bicycle Tours Are The Way To Travel

Many companies offer leisure cycling tours to​ locations around the​ world. This article summarizes how you​ should prepare for your trip.

There are many ways to​ enjoy travel in​ a​ foreign country. Most people think of​ renting cars,​ or​ taking buses or​ trains everywhere. But because people are following a​ different routine and are on​ vacation - they do tend to​ pack on​ the​ pounds. the​ way to​ ensure that you​ will not need to​ go on​ a​ diet after you​ return from your vacation is​ to​ go on​ a​ cycling tour. You'll be able to​ sample the​ local cuisine all you​ like,​ because you'll work off all those calories on​ your bike!

Cycling tours are offered for every level of​ bicyclist - from the​ beginner who might need a​ "pick up ride" after a​ while,​ to​ the​ experienced cyclist who can zoom up the​ hills as​ if​ they were weren't there.

Most European countries are extremely bike friendly. Bikes are expected to​ be on​ the​ roads,​ drivers are familiar with them and give them a​ wide berth. So it's very safe to​ bike in​ Europe. a​ lot of​ places in​ the​ United States seem to​ resent the​ very existence of​ bicycles,​ which is​ why it's always best to​ go on​ a​ cycling tour with like-minded people. You'll be biking through areas that are used to​ seeing cyclists.

Leisure cycling tours are designed for all different kinds of​ terrain - from flat and peaceful rides through the​ beauties of​ nature to​ the​ fitness challenging of​ the​ steepest of​ mountains.

If you'd like to​ go on​ a​ leisure cycling tour,​ the​ place to​ do your research is​ on​ the​ web.

When you're looking for a​ particular tour,​ you'll want to​ compare all the​ available amenities for each tour.

1) Accommodations. Are you​ going to​ be staying in​ hotels,​ or​ in​ campgrounds?

2) Are meals included? if​ so,​ which ones?

3) Will there be free refreshment stops each day?

4) if​ the​ tour passes by anything of​ historical interest,​ are riders given an​ opportunity to​ go look at​ any sites of​ interest?

5) Baggage transport. Who handles the​ luggage?

6) is​ their a​ sag wagon? (This is​ a​ car or​ other vehicle which will come and "rescue" a​ tired rider or​ one who has had an​ accident of​ any kind.)

7) Do riders receive daily maps and cue sheets that are easy to​ read and follow?

8) in​ the​ evenings,​ is​ there someone around to​ clean your bikes,​ or​ is​ it​ up to​ each cyclist?

Depending on​ the​ state or​ country through which you're riding,​ most of​ these amenities are offered,​ unless you're on​ a​ budget tour. if​ you're going budget,​ it's best to​ be a​ very experienced cyclist and already know what you're doing.

Bicycling is​ a​ very popular way to​ see Europe. There are self-guided bike tours as​ well as​ the​ tours offered by companies. It's important to​ check out what kind of​ bikes they offer to​ ride,​ however. You'll want the​ best quality available.

Types of​ Tours

WomanTours is​ a​ company that focuses solely on​ offering bike tours for women. Most of​ the​ tours offered by this company take place in​ the​ United States,​ but at​ least once a​ year they do offer a​ tour overseas. you​ can go on​ an​ economy cycle tours of​ Hawaii,​ cycle through the​ Outer Banks of​ North Carolina,​ experience the​ majesty of​ Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks,​ and much more. Their website even has a​ tour blog so you​ can see the​ fun that past cyclists have had on​ their tours.

Some of​ the​ major bicycle manufactures have a​ travel and adventure arm for their customers. For example,​ Trek Bikes has "Trek Travel." They offer six trip types: classic,​ explorer,​ family,​ family explorer,​ specialty and weekend tours,​ in​ destinations such as​ Asia-Pacific,​ Central America,​ Europe,​ and North America.

The "classic" tours are designed for riders of​ all abilities. the​ "explorer" trips put less of​ an​ emphasis on​ luxury - you'll be camping out in​ national parks,​ for example. Family trips are designed to​ have activities available for people of​ all ages. And Trek's specialty trips include being escorted by professional cyclists - for example "Classic Climbs of​ France with Kevin Livingston,​" or​ "Texas with Lance Armstrong."

If you're planning on​ taking a​ leisure-cycling tour,​ you​ must do your research. Find out how long the​ tour company has been in​ business,​ and try to​ contact some people who've been on​ those tours so you​ can find out if​ anyone had any bad experiences. It's always a​ good idea to​ contact the​ Better Business Bureau to​ see if​ anyone has lodged any complaints against them

A leisure-cycling tour is​ one of​ the​ best ways to​ see a​ particular region. the​ more you​ know and the​ more preparations you​ make,​ the​ more fun you'll have on​ your trip.
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