Leave Your Fondue Pot At Home Travel To Switzerland

Switzerland,​ formally known as​ the​ Confederation Helvetica,​ is​ a​ landlocked mountainous haven in​ the​ heart of​ Europe. Partially due to​ the​ isolating geography,​ the​ Swiss people have maintained a​ strong commitment to​ tradition,​ independence and the​ preservation of​ their long-established way of​ life. Hence,​ it​ is​ very important for the​ traveler to​ note that Switzerland is​ not a​ member of​ the​ European Union and uses the​ Swiss Franc as​ their form of​ currency.

An incredible benefit of​ Switzerland's independence is​ a​ clean,​ speedy and reliable train system and public transportation network,​ including the​ new Rail 2000 program that offers regular half-hourly service between all major cities.

The thought of​ Switzerland strikes up images of​ enchanting castles,​ milk chocolate,​ fine cheese speckled with holes,​ sturdy watches and the​ Matterhorn. Don't be fooled by this simplicity or​ the​ precision and just-so design of​ Swiss towns and get ready to​ discover a​ society far more rich,​ worldly and dynamic than you​ had ever imagined when you​ travel Switzerland! as​ homogenous as​ the​ nation might appear,​ Switzerland is​ divided into very diverse regions with four national languages: German,​ French,​ Italian and Romansch (a Latin derivative). English is​ also spoken widely. the​ fusion of​ these cultures adds a​ zest of​ flavor that complements the​ serenely picturesque landscape.

Four Seasons to​ Travel to​ Switzerland
Unlike many other European destinations,​ it​ is​ wonderful to​ travel to​ Switzerland any time of​ year! Switzerland is​ centrally located on​ the​ European continent and consequently enjoys moderate and consistent weather for each season. Skiing is​ by far the​ best excuse to​ travel Switzerland in​ the​ winter,​ but make sure not to​ miss the​ splendor of​ cities like Geneva covered in​ a​ blanket of​ snow. Geneva,​ the​ second-largest city,​ is​ close to​ the​ Swiss Alps and the​ French border and also boasts an​ international history of​ its own. the​ municipality has been central to​ European affairs for centuries,​ most notably including the​ Geneva Convention. Interlaken should be a​ part of​ a​ summer and winter itinerary as​ well. the​ pristine setting among some of​ the​ tallest and fiercest alpine peaks makes Interlaken a​ sanctuary for skiers and hikers alike. the​ town is​ small and limited on​ lodging so make reservations early.

In addition to​ the​ most popular destinations,​ such as​ Zurich and the​ Alps,​ the​ Swiss traveler is​ encouraged to​ leave the​ beaten path behind to​ discover the​ true beauty of​ the​ country and meet the​ resilient and warm people who define a​ nation that is​ over 700 years old. Remember that traditional does not translate into old-fashioned or​ archaic in​ Switzerland. the​ Swiss society stands out among European nations as​ an​ extraordinarily progressive and cutting-edge standard of​ modernity.

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