Learning Survival French Before Traveling To France

Will you​ be traveling to​ France in​ the​ near future? Are you​ ready to​ meet the​ locals? if​ you​ think you​ are not yet equipped the​ best way you​ should be before going on​ a​ leisure or​ business trip to​ France,​ at​ least bring French survival phrases with you. it​ won't be much but it​ will help you​ get through to​ the​ calm but fun personalities of​ the​ local French.

You may not know it​ yet,​ but traveling to​ France requires you​ more than just what you​ need to​ say during your stay. Most French locals do know how to​ speak English but there is​ really no point in​ making them especially if​ you​ are the​ tourist. They may speak English but only during moments they feel comfortable. Arm yourself with anything that could possibly come up during your trip by learning few phrases that are used mostly by tourists who doesn't speak French very well.

Phrases like Excuse moi,​ parlez-vous anglais? (Excuse me,​ do your speak English?),​ Merci Beucoup (Thank you​ very much),​ Sil vous plait (Please) are few of​ the​ phrases that will allow you​ to​ reach out to​ French locals. Most of​ the​ local people knows how to​ speak English so asking nicely should be your primary approach.

As a​ tourist and knowing that you​ don't know anything about the​ streets and bars,​ look comfortable but also dress elegant enough because it​ is​ how you​ should appear in​ a​ city like Paris. Hang out on​ bars and enjoy the​ food as​ you​ eat. if​ a​ local French person comes up to​ you​ and engages you​ in​ a​ conversation,​ don't be nervous. as​ a​ matter of​ fact,​ the​ more you​ become friendly with them regardless your inability to​ speak French,​ you​ will still get a​ warm and friendly smile.

There are so many things that you​ need to​ learn and get to​ know first before traveling to​ France. it​ isn't very important to​ learn all of​ the​ French words as​ it​ will not be useful at​ all times. Pack your things and only with the​ important French words that you​ will be using during your trip. Also,​ research more about the​ locale's way of​ living to​ learn how you​ can react better to​ emergency circumstances.
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