Last Minute Travel Options

Together with last minute flights,​ last minute hotels are big business nowadays. the​ idea is​ that you​ take a​ room that would otherwise be empty (often because of​ cancellations),​ and in​ return you​ get a​ steep discount. However,​ as​ ever,​ it’s a​ case of​ buyer beware.

It can be a​ very common experience to​ arrive in​ a​ hotel and find that there’s actually no-one in​ it​ who didn’t come on​ a​ last-minute travel deal. This is​ either because the​ prices the​ hotel is​ trying to​ charge normal customers are too high,​ or​ because it’s a​ terrible hotel. to​ avoid these places,​ check whether the​ hotel you​ find a​ last-minute deal on​ is​ otherwise fully-booked or​ at​ least busy – if​ not,​ you​ should probably stay away.

Even in​ good hotels,​ though,​ you​ might find yourself stuck with the​ one bad room that they haven’t been able to​ shift – the​ one that smells funny,​ or​ has a​ view of​ a​ brick wall outside the​ window. While this isn’t generally so terrible,​ you​ should at​ least prepare yourself for this possibility.

It’s also quite likely – though not inevitable – that the​ cheaper hotels will be nowhere near the​ city centre,​ leaving you​ to​ commute by public transport each day if​ you​ want to​ see the​ sights,​ or​ else hang around in​ the​ suburbs. you​ should consider the​ costs of​ transport before you​ book,​ as​ a​ slightly more expensive hotel that is​ more central can often save you​ more than it​ costs.

A final thing to​ be aware of​ is​ that you​ can often get a​ good discount by booking a​ last minute flight and hotel as​ a​ package deal through the​ various agency websites. if​ you​ are doing this,​ though,​ make sure that you​ don’t let the​ savings pressure you​ into taking a​ bad flight or​ a​ bad hotel just because the​ other half of​ the​ deal seems so good.
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