Last Minute Travel 33

The last minute travel primer
Business executives often travel frequently and are always prepared to​ leave for far-off destinations on​ a​ moment's notice .​
They've got the​ program down .​
Bags are packed in​ a​ jiffy and the​ seasoned traveler leaves home confident that essentials and nice-to-haves are not left behind .​
Have you​ ever taken a​ trip under hasty circumstances,​ only to​ find you've forgotten half of​ what you​ really need? Experience is​ a​ great teacher,​ so check out these tips from the​ pros and smooth out the​ wrinkles of​ last minute travel.
If you're traveling by car,​ transportation issues are simplified .​
Check your oil,​ water and tires,​ including your spare .​
Fill up on​ your way out of​ town .​
If possible,​ drive at​ night .​
There's less traffic so you'll encounter fewer traffic problems .​
If you're traveling through or​ to​ a​ major metropolitan area,​ plan your arrival to​ miss the​ heavy commute hours .​
This can save you​ a​ few frustrating hours stuck in​ stalled traffic.
Traveling by air? Last minute travel by air can be costly if​ you​ book by conventional methods .​
If you​ have even a​ day or​ two prior to​ departure,​ the​ very first task on​ your agenda is​ a​ quick and diligent search of​ your local papers and online resources such as​ craigslist,​ auction sites and E-bay .​
Google is​ also worth a​ shot .​
Just type,​ 'air tickets for sale' followed by your destination airport .​
You just may get lucky and find a​ great deal.
Now to​ packing: before you​ start tossing things willy-nilly into your bag,​ take a​ few minutes to​ jot down what you​ need to​ do and bring .​
This little trick may sound silly,​ but you'll be surprised to​ find how helpful it​ is​ to​ organize on​ paper beforehand .​
Be sure to​ include a​ 'before leaving' category with tasks and errands such as​ stopping your mail and newspaper,​ returning library books or​ arranging for pet care .​
People who frequently make last minute travel trips keep such a​ list handy at​ all times .​
If you​ have medicines you​ need every day,​ get them on​ your list .​
Organize your clothing choices so you​ can mix and match most items .​
Plan to​ wear bulky items,​ such as​ an​ overcoat or​ boots .​
Whenever possible,​ stick with a​ carryon .​
You'll save time and hassles,​ both at​ check-in and your destination .​
Rolling your clothing saves space and reduces wrinkling .​
Upon arrival,​ hang dresses,​ pants and shirts in​ a​ steamy bathroom for 20 minutes .​
You won't even need to​ iron.
Travel restrictions on​ baggage items change so frequently and are quite precise on​ items like shampoo and lotion .​
Just one additional ounce of​ shampoo or​ the​ wrong type of​ container results in​ confiscation .​
Avoid this problem by buying these items when you​ arrive.
So don't get in​ a​ tizzy over a​ last minute travel situation .​
Be thoughtful in​ your planning and stay organized .​
The worst case is​ then having to​ pay full price on​ your air ticket!
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