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The school summer holidays are fast approaching. Six long weeks of​ keeping the​ kids amused.

Are you​ dreading those long drives to​ the​ coast etc? And the​ kids always shout "I'm bored" or​ "Are we there yet?" Well fear not,​ the​ solution is​ simple,​ why not stack up on​ travel games! They're big enough to​ keep the​ kids quiet,​ yet small enough to​ fit in​ the​ tiniest space,​ even a​ handbag. Also suitable for boat,​ train and plane travel.

There are old favorites like,​ Ludo,​ Snakes and Ladders,​ Chess,​ Backgammon,​ Checkers and Solitaire. No need to​ worry about pieces going missing as​ they are magnetic,​ so they don't fall off the​ board and onto the​ floor or​ down the​ side of​ seats. They pack away easily so there's no fuss. you​ can buy as​ a​ complete set or​ individually.

Activity books are also great when traveling. Some come as​ an​ activity pack,​ that includes crayons and their own plastic wallet,​ these have coloring in,​ puzzles and games. Ideal for the​ younger ones.

Dice even playing cards,​ can be put into a​ pocket they can be used anywhere even on​ the​ floor.

Other travel games such as,​ Monopoly,​ Scrabble,​ Othello,​ Connect 4,​ Battleships,​ Cluedo and Trivial Pursuit are smaller versions of​ the​ original board game. These don't have magnetic pieces. They can be stored in​ car door pockets,​ or​ in​ children's backpacks,​ to​ be played on​ planes,​ trains and boats,​ as​ well as​ in​ the​ car.

Of course you​ don't have to​ pay for keeping the​ kids quiet,​ you​ could always make up games of​ your own,​ such as​ Geography,​ you​ take it​ in​ turns,​ starting from the​ letter a​ then B and so on,​ you​ can use countries,​ towns,​ street names,​ and villages. or​ you​ could use the​ last letter of​ the​ previous word for the​ next one,​ either of​ these are great fun when you​ get to​ the​ letter Y,​ as​ it​ gets harder. or​ you​ could take paper and pen and make your own crosswords. There's also I Spy.

Travel games can be bought at​ toyshops,​ online,​ even newsagents and supermarkets have started stocking them. the​ magnetic ones are $2-$3 each,​ and the​ miniature ones range from $6 to​ around $15. the​ complete sets vary from stockist to​ stockist.

These games are not expensive,​ but well worth investing in,​ just to​ keep everyone happy and relaxed. Have a​ great summer!
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