Keeping Your Pets Safe In Ice Storms


With the​ cold weather moving in,​ many families start to​ worry if​ they have everything to​ prepare their pets for winter. Winter storms pose a​ serious risk to​ pets’ safety as​ water valves and gates freeze; most driveways become impossible to​ drive or​ walk on. the​ animals can get trapped,​ slip and fall,​ or​ suffer broken bones. Even if​ the​ weather warms up after a​ few days of​ sub-zero low temperatures,​ the​ danger of​ black ice is​ huge and walking your dog could require some serious skills and caution.

If your area is​ struck by a​ severe ice storm,​ are your pets prepared to​ wait it​ out until the​ power is​ back on? the​ worst part of​ ice storms is​ that you​ could be stuck in​ your house with no electricity or​ communication. So you​ need to​ survive a​ few days on​ your own and keep your pets safe.

Try to​ draw as​ much water as​ you​ can and use every container possible. Separate them by drinking water and usable water. it​ is​ a​ well-known fact that if​ you​ leave your containers open until they reach room temperature and then close them,​ they will help maintain heat longer. if​ you​ have a​ fireplace,​ stack on​ fire logs,​ as​ well as​ other materials that burn,​ like newspapers,​ etc.

One major thing to​ remember is​ to​ keep your pets warm. if​ you​ might lose heat for the​ duration of​ the​ storm,​ pick one room that you​ can close off and keep everybody there. Make sure you​ have some all-weather fleece blankets handy. It’s a​ great idea to​ have an​ instant heating pad/warmer available (hottie,​ for example) that could provide up to​ 18 hours of​ instant warmth to​ keep your pet hypothermia-free. Have your pet first aid kit handy as​ long as​ their emergency food supplies and toys to​ keep them busy.

Ice storms could be very dangerous if​ not deadly for your pets,​ so take some precaution now to​ be prepared.

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