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Austin may not have much in​ common with the​ rest of​ its Texan neighbors,​ but it​ certainly is​ right up to​ speed,​ if​ not in​ high speed,​ with the​ rest of​ the​ international community. Find yourself some cheap airfare to​ Austin and discover why most cars and t-shirts of​ Austinites proudly proclaim,​ “Keep Austin Weird.” Travel to​ Austin to​ experience a​ vibrant city deeply entrenched in​ the​ tenets of​ self-expression,​ ever-evolving music of​ all genres,​ and the​ pride of​ a​ unique southern history.

Austin was the​ original capital of​ the​ Republic of​ Texas,​ and remained the​ capital of​ the​ state of​ Texas once incorporated into the​ United States in​ 1845 as​ the​ 28th state. the​ Texas State Capitol Complex is​ certainly worth a​ visit while taking in​ the​ sights of​ Austin. the​ gardens are peaceful and the​ 1856 Governor’s Mansion is​ an​ architectural testament to​ the​ Greek revival style. the​ LBJ Presidential Library is​ also located in​ Austin and offers rotating exhibits focused on​ domestic and national history and art.

Travel to​ the​ Tune of​ Austin

Anyone who pays much attention to​ contemporary music would know that Austin is​ known as​ “the Live Music Capital of​ the​ World.” There are more live music venues per capita in​ Austin than any other city. Wander down 6th Street on​ any given night and you​ will find yourself overtaken by jazz beats,​ rock progressions,​ twanging country or​ experimental electro. Each year Atlanta hosts the​ famous South by Southwest music and film festival,​ which is​ a​ major gathering and showcase for the​ entire live music industry. the​ Austin Reggae Festival is​ hosted in​ April and this eccentric Texan city even celebrates its own version of​ Carnaval in​ February.

It is​ mandatory that you​ travel with an​ open mind if​ you​ are visiting Austin during any of​ their zillions of​ festivals spread throughout the​ year. Eeyore’s Birthday Party is​ an​ annual celebration of​ self-expression where face painted families enjoy live music and drum circles alongside rockers,​ teens,​ drag queens and just about everyone else in​ Austin,​ while a​ statue of​ Eeyore dressed like the​ Statue of​ Liberty is​ prominently displayed. to​ keep in​ theme with Austin’s quirkiness,​ the​ city hosts SPAMORAMA,​ an​ annual homage to​ SPAM in​ all forms including a​ cook-off,​ recipe contest,​ kid’s SPAM sculpture and craft booths and even the​ SPAMALYPICS.

Austin also boasts a​ prosperous and eclectic film and theater industry. Over a​ dozen independent theaters line the​ streets of​ Austin,​ offering enough space for the​ many theater groups ranging from improv and offbeat to​ classical and cutting-edge. Check out the​ Off Center for a​ real taste of​ Austin’s finest original music,​ comedy and theater acts. Hollywood seems to​ have developed a​ satellite industry in​ Austin over the​ years,​ with the​ help of​ the​ University of​ Texas at​ Austin’s acclaimed Department of​ Radio-Television-Film. Recent productions include Office Space,​ a​ Scanner Darkly,​ Miss Congeniality and Sin City.

It’s All About Austin

A trip to​ Texas is​ simply incomplete without traveling to​ Austin. the​ city single-handedly places Texas on​ the​ cultural and artistic global map and smoothes out the​ edges of​ the​ Texan stereotype. Get in​ on​ the​ nutty free spirit of​ Austin and don’t miss another beat of​ a​ breakthrough artist.
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