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Hawaii has some of​ the​ best scenery in​ the​ world and tourism contributes greatly to​ the​ economy .​
Kauai travel is​ popular as​ more and more people discover this fourth largest and oldest island in​ the​ group .​
The volcanic island is​ known as​ the​ Garden Isle and its high annual rainfall has resulted in​ several waterfalls .​
The terrain is​ mountainous and the​ highest peak is​ Kawaikini at​ 5,​243 feet (1,​598m).
Spectacular scenery has led to​ many movies and TV shows being shot here,​ including the​ musical South Pacific and Spielberg's Jurassic Park and Raiders of​ the​ Lost Ark .​
The island is​ also the​ base for the​ US Navy Pacific Missile Range facility .​
Many visitors like an​ aerial view and take a​ helicopter tour or​ prefer Kauai travel by boat.
The Wailua River is​ the​ only navigable river in​ Hawaii and is​ famous for its waterfalls .​
It's a​ popular spot for canoeing and kayaking and boat cruises go on​ the​ river .​
Waimea Canyon State Park boasts the​ largest canyon in​ the​ Pacific area and is​ 3,​000 feet (900m) deep in​ places .​
Nature is​ splendidly displayed at​ the​ Allerton Botanical Garden .​
Visitors are required to​ make a​ reservation and are rewarded with different areas of​ specialty in​ what used to​ be part of​ a​ sugar cane plantation .​
The garden contains a​ bamboo garden,​ a​ statue to​ Diana,​ a​ mermaid fountain,​ summerhouse and tropical fruit orchard.
Spiritual life can be explored during Kauai travel too and the​ Hindu Iraivan Temple is​ a​ magnificent structure,​ made from white granite stone,​ carved by craftsmen in​ India .​
There are many beautiful features,​ including lion pillars and sandalwood doors .​
There are several towns on​ the​ island and Kauai travel can involve shopping for souvenirs and dining .​
The town of​ Lihue contains the​ Kukui Grove Center shopping mall,​ which has Macy's,​ K-mart and Wal-Mart .​
The local history of​ the​ area is​ on​ display at​ the​ Kauai Museum .​
Visitors can view the​ town from a​ vintage diesel locomotive on​ the​ narrow gauge railroad or​ from a​ horse drawn carriage.
One of​ the​ most famous landmarks on​ the​ island is​ the​ Coco Palms Resort Hotel .​
It was forced to​ close in​ 1992 after Hurricane Iniki devastated it​ but the​ resort's new owners are hopeful that it​ will re-open in​ 2008 .​
Surrounded by a​ coconut grove,​ it​ made its name in​ the​ 1960s and 1970s when many celebrities stayed there,​ including Elvis Presley,​ who made films on​ the​ island .​
Its return would be welcomed by the​ Kauai travel industry.
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