Kansas Travel Back In Time

Although known for its flat landscape,​ Kansas has a​ lot of​ offer visitors. Nearly everywhere you​ go in​ Kansas you​ will find some piece of​ Old West history whether it​ is​ in​ a​ landmark or​ a​ living history presentation. Dodge City Days is​ held every year and the​ Wild West times are reenacted with a​ complete rodeo. Atchison,​ Kansas is​ the​ east is​ the​ birthplace of​ the​ famous aviator Amelia Earhart. an​ excellent museum can be found in​ Wichita with the​ Old Cowtown Museum which showcases the​ period between 1865 and 1880. the​ pride of​ Topeka is​ the​ large Topeka Zoo.

The largest city in​ Kansas is​ Wichita which has about one-fifth of​ the​ state’s population. Travelers can find a​ variety of​ attractions in​ this city. the​ most famous is​ the​ Old Cowtown Museum. Other options are the​ Wichita Greyhound Park that offer greyhound races. you​ can visit a​ piece of​ space history at​ the​ Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center where you​ can see the​ actual command module from the​ Apollo 13 space mission. For those who like culture there is​ the​ Wichita Center for the​ Arts that has a​ professional community theater,​ two art galleries and an​ art school.

Topeka is​ the​ state capital and not only features numerous historical experiences but also offers several contemporary activities. the​ Ward-Meade Park offers visitors a​ trip back to​ pioneer times. the​ military aviation of​ Kansas is​ showcased at​ the​ Combat Air Museum. the​ Topeka Zoo offers an​ excellent family attraction which has made many firsts in​ the​ animal world including the​ first captive breeding of​ American Golden Eagles. For the​ sports minded individual there is​ the​ Heartland Park which features various motor sports.

Lawrence has an​ excellent historic hotel for accommodations,​ the​ Eldridge Hotel. the​ entire hotel is​ designed for historic value including the​ lobby which features old style lighting,​ dark wood and rich fabrics. There are forty-eight suites that offer separate sitting areas,​ elegant furnishings and refrigerators. in​ addition to​ in​ room spas the​ hotel’s spa has a​ variety of​ services to​ choose from. the​ price of​ a​ room here includes a​ full breakfast.

Some additional attractions include the​ Tallgrass National Prairie Preserve which is​ an​ excellent option for those who like to​ enjoy outdoor activities and experiences. This the​ only preserve of​ its kind in​ the​ world and also has a​ nineteenth century ranch on​ site. There are variety of​ hikes that you​ can choose from and several times a​ year you​ can enjoy a​ living history program. if​ you​ enjoy outdoors and want to​ see a​ part of​ the​ rapidly disappearing prairies then you​ can’t pass up a​ visit to​ this preserve while staying in​ Kansas. No matter what you​ are looking for you​ will find it​ in​ Kansas.
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