Is Travel With Your Kids A Monumental Family Disaster

Whatever your mode of​ travel,​ there will be special challenges if​ you​ take the​ kids along. the​ key to​ sanity is​ some careful planning - and a​ calm,​ unruffled approach.

* Where Should we Stay? *

If you​ are planning at​ stay at​ a​ bed and breakfast,​ do some research. Many bed and breakfasts are not suitable for children. However,​ you​ may be able to​ find a​ 'farmstay' - a​ bed and breakfast on​ a​ farm that allows your kids to​ interact with the​ animals. This can be an​ unequalled family experience - especially for city dwellers.

Staying in​ a​ hotel? Do they provide extra cots and/or cribs for children? Do they have a​ restaurant with a​ kids' menu? is​ there a​ playroom or​ playground on​ the​ premises? Are there children's activities nearby?

* What Should I Pack? *

Use common sense. Every family is​ different. Check the​ following list and pack what is​ appropriate for your household:

- Small first aid kit

- Liquid anti-nausea medication

- Liquid Tylenol

- Individual-sized tissues

- Moistened hand-wipes in​ individual packs

- Paper towels

- Photos of​ the​ kids and important details regarding medications

- Telephone numbers of​ doctors (at home and at​ your destination)

- Copies of​ passports,​ birth certificates,​ custody documentation

- Decks of​ cards,​ favorite toys,​ children's books

- Coloring books,​ crayons,​ mechanical pencils,​ paper

- Crossword puzzle books,​ erasable pens,​ highlighters

- Windbreakers,​ slickers,​ umbrellas

- Sunglasses,​ hats,​ sunscreen

- Plastic bags from grocery store checkout (for storage and cleanup)

* Diaper Disposal *

There are scented disposal bags available - or​ you​ might want to​ pack some small zip-lock bags. Plastic grocery bags or​ newspaper bags can also be used. the​ solid matter should be disposed of​ down the​ toilet. Next,​ roll the​ diaper up with the​ soiled area facing inwards so that you​ have a​ compact bundle with the​ plastic on​ the​ outside. Place the​ diaper in​ the​ zip-lock bag,​ seal most of​ the​ way,​ then press out as​ much air as​ possible while you​ complete the​ seal. Discard in​ a​ bathroom garbage container or​ outside garbage bin.

If you​ are outdoors and there are no outhouse or​ bathroom facilities nearby,​ you​ should carry the​ entire diaper contents with you,​ disposing of​ appropriately when you​ find a​ garbage bin or​ bathroom. DO NOT leave diapers or​ diaper contents behind. Besides polluting the​ environment,​ some animals are attracted to​ human waste. Protect the​ environment even more by making sure that you​ purchase biodegradable diapers (or switch to​ cloth).

If you​ must carry soiled diapers along with you​ for any length of​ time,​ you​ might want to​ consider packing a​ few deodorant disks or​ a​ baking-soda based scented deodorizer.

* Snacks *

If your children are finicky eaters,​ chances are you​ will encounter problems with airline and restaurant meals. Pack a​ few nutritious snacks. Snacks may include fresh fruit,​ granola bars,​ individual-size cereal boxes,​ cheese and crackers,​ raisins,​ unsalted peanuts - or​ snack-size containers of​ applesauce,​ puddings,​ and fruit cocktail.

* Boredom *

Boredom is​ always going to​ be a​ problem. Even a​ half-hour trip seems like a​ long time to​ a​ young child. the​ easiest and most accessible boredom solution is​ YOU. Use the​ time to​ interact with your kids. Ask them questions. Get them to​ tell you​ stories if​ they are old enough. you​ can keep young children entertained by telling them stories - complete with sound effects of​ animal noises,​ whistles,​ and whatever else you​ can invent.

Play guessing games like 'I Spy' with older kids,​ or​ get them involved in​ some children's cards games. Although games like 'Go Fish' can be played with a​ regular deck of​ cards,​ there are many games with special,​ brightly-colored decks made just for children. Do an​ internet search for 'card games for kids' and you'll find plenty of​ resources.

* Inactivity *

Sitting still for long periods of​ time is​ not a​ natural activity for children. if​ you're on​ a​ plane,​ train,​ or​ bus,​ get up and take a​ walk down the​ aisle once every hour. When travelling by car,​ find an​ appropriate pullout and play frisbee or​ go for a​ short walk.

* Relax - Lighten Up - Unwind *

Treat every family trip as​ an​ opportunity to​ connect with your children. Relax,​ enjoy their unique personalities,​ and enjoy yourself!
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