Is It Wise To Travel Away From Home While Your House Is Empty

Did you​ know that potential break-in artists could be waiting to​ burglarize your home while you​ are on​ holidays? And who is​ going to​ mow the​ lawn while you're away? Who will watch for fires or​ leaks in​ the​ hot-water heating system? an​ empty house can be a​ recipe for disaster!

Career criminals will be on​ the​ alert for things like:

* Yards with untrimmed hedges and unwatered lawns

* More than a​ day's worth of​ newspapers inside the​ screen door

* Windows that reveal no change in​ lighting during the​ night

* an​ absent vehicle in​ the​ garage or​ driveway

* Full garbage bins that are not set out on​ collection day

* Mail carriers skipping a​ house because of​ redirected mail

* Nobody answering the​ door when someone rings the​ bell

Crafty criminals will often ring the​ doorbell themselves before attempting a​ break-in. if​ you​ are at​ home,​ they will have a​ reasonable story like: 'I am conducting a​ survey of​ homeowners in​ the​ area to​ see if​ they are happy with the​ local school system.'

No thief wants to​ be caught,​ and no burglar will want to​ put more effort than necessary into a​ robbery. Criminals are by necessity suspicious (and lazy as​ well). Anything you​ can do to​ make your house more challenging is​ likely to​ deter them. a​ good security system is​ a​ commendable first step.

But is​ a​ security system enough? Maybe you​ should investigate hiring a​ housesitter. a​ housesitter can help prevent break-ins,​ and can also monitor for fires,​ roof leaks,​ and other potential home emergencies.

The internet is​ full of​ helpful sites. an​ internet search for keywords and phrases similar to​ the​ following will help you​ to​ locate a​ good sitter:

* house sitting services

* find house sitter

* professional housesitters

* experienced home sitter

* pet sitting service

At the​ end of​ this article is​ a​ link to​ a​ page containing several search engines.

As a​ homeowner,​ you​ can usually post a​ free ad in​ a​ housesitter directory. Many sites will have an​ auto e-mail service that notifies you​ whenever a​ new housesitter registers in​ your community. Housesitting services may include:

* Mowing the​ lawn and trimming the​ hedge

* Watering houseplants

* Walking,​ feeding,​ and caring for pets

* Picking up mail and newspapers

* Paying bills

* Answering the​ telephone

Homesitters come from various walks of​ life - and ages may vary from late teens/early twenties to​ ?? Typical sitters might be:

* Retirees

* a​ world traveller who is​ trying to​ conserve on​ expenses

* a​ college student trying to​ make ends meet

* a​ person who needs a​ place to​ stay during home renovations

* Someone new in​ the​ community

In recompense for their services,​ a​ home sitter will receive free rent and (usually) an​ additional fee. Sitters are normally responsible for their own food and telephone calls.

It is​ important that all arrangements are in​ writing. Some of​ the​ important points you​ should include in​ your written contract include:

* How long the​ sitter is​ permitted to​ be away from the​ premises

* the​ maximum number of​ guests allowed ('zero' being an​ option)

* Expectations for pet,​ plant,​ and yard care

* What should happen in​ case of​ illness or​ emergency

* Exact duration of​ house-sitting contract

* What will happen if​ your return home is​ delayed

If you​ are working with a​ professional housesitting service,​ be sure that it​ does appropriate security checks on​ its employees. if​ you​ are hiring a​ private sitter,​ ask local law enforcement authorities what is​ needed for you​ to​ perform your own background investigations.

This article is​ just a​ short primer on​ the​ subject of​ homesitting. Be sure to​ spend sufficient time doing individual research long before your holidays.

. . . And Happy Travels!
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