Intestinal Blockages In Pets Caused By Foriegn Objects

Intestinal Blockages in​ Pets caused by Foreign Objects
Playful pets tend to​ eat a​ lot of​ things which they find it​ difficult to​ digest .​
Sometimes these foreign objects can block their intestines and if​ immediate action isn’t taken it​ can even lead to​ death of​ the​ animal .​
Usually in​ serious cases,​ the​ foreign object needs to​ be taken out surgically .​
Animals such as​ dogs,​ cats,​ mouse,​ have the​ habit of​ chewing loose chords,​ especially that of​ the​ computer .​
Other things which get chewed are plants,​ wool strands,​ plastic bags,​ shoes,​ toys,​ purse straps,​ vinyl objects,​ leather objects,​ baskets,​ furniture,​ and bed frames .​
Though prevention can be taken and the​ house can be made pet proof,​ but still there are chances of​ such accidents .​
Some animals either pass these objects through stool or​ vomit it​ out .​
Such incidents can happen anytime and the​ animal cannot be lucky every time .​
The objects can still remain in​ the​ body even after pooping and vomiting .​
Vinyl and leather materials get stuck to​ the​ walls of​ the​ intestines .​
This condition is​ hard to​ be determined immediately as​ the​ animal doesn’t stop breathing or​ starts feeling dizzy .​
But by close observation if​ it​ is​ noted that the​ animal isn’t eating properly as​ it​ used to​ before,​ doesn’t excretes and lies dull on​ the​ bed whole day long,​ means something fishy is​ going on​ .​
Since the​ animal isn’t in​ serious condition,​ the​ owners need not panic .​
An x-ray and a​ blood test can explain the​ situation and the​ veterinarian can get a​ clear idea of​ what to​ do .​
If the​ blood test comes out normal,​ it​ indicates that the​ animal still has time on​ hand and the​ foreign object can be removed with the​ help of​ some laxative .​
And if​ there is​ an​ indication of​ an​ infection in​ the​ blood,​ a​ sonogram or​ a​ barium x-ray can be done .​
The very last resort is​ surgery,​ and this should be done only when the​ animal refuses to​ eat anything .​
In situation vomiting should be induced as​ this could aggravate the​ condition .​
If the​ animal vomits by himself,​ it​ is​ good .​
Heavy duty materials block the​ intestine completely .​
Other than blocking or​ sticking to​ the​ walls of​ the​ intestines,​ some plants can also be toxic to​ the​ animal .​
The owners can restrain from planting such plants in​ their yard or​ home garden .​
Instead,​ most of​ the​ pets like to​ play in​ grass,​ so grass,​ especially oat grass can be grown for the​ animal to​ enjoy .​
Plastic bags also pose a​ big threat to​ the​ animal .​
But the​ rustling noise can make the​ plastic more attractive and enjoyable for the​ pet .​
Objects made out of​ plastic such as​ purses,​ wraps,​ and purses should be kept out of​ reach .​
Another precaution that can be taken is​ that the​ objects which the​ animals enjoy chewing can be made unattractive by spraying with bitter apple spray .​
They can be even cleaned with a​ disinfectant with a​ strong odor but be careful the​ type of​ disinfectant you​ use as​ they can be poisonous too to​ our pet .​
Most of​ the​ pet owners do not buy leather product such as​ shoes and purses any more as​ they are expensive and get easily ruined by pet’s chewing them .​
Shoes can be stored in​ high shoe racks,​ drawers,​ chest or​ even better,​ in​ walk –in closets,​ along with the​ purses .​
Some pets do not watch where they are going .​
There are chances that they walk straight into the​ objects .​
If objects made out of​ glass fall from a​ height,​ it​ will immediately break into pieces .​
This is​ the​ most dangerous,​ because if​ consumed can lead to​ on​ the​ spot death .​
The broken glass pieces can wound the​ organs internally,​ which can lead to​ sever bleeding .​

Even if​ the​ animal undergoes the​ surgery,​ it​ would still take him a​ lot of​ time to​ recover from it .​
Along with the​ expensive surgical procedure,​ comes pain .​
Various pet owners deal with the​ situation in​ their own way and no one way is​ recommended as​ the​ official one .​
But the​ best way is​ to​ immediately rush the​ pet to​ a​ veterinarian who has a​ good experience treating animals similar to​ your pet .​
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