Interview Preview Danielle Weiss Latin America Fan And Sustainable Travel Expert

Sustainable travel has been an​ issue I have been interested in​ for a​ while now and through G.A.P Adventures,​ the​ sponsor of​ the​ grand prize for our soon to​ be launched Travel Story Contest,​ I was able to​ learn more about the​ topic of​ sustainable tourism.

Danielle Weiss,​ a​ former tour leader for G.A.P,​ is​ now the​ company's Sustainable Tourism Coordinator. While I was quizzing Danielle about sustainable travel issues of​ course I asked her a​ bit about herself and her connection to​ the​ adventure and eco-travel industry. as​ she started to​ tell me more about her background,​ I realized that I had a​ very interesting person right there in​ front of​ me,​ who has lived,​ worked,​ studied and volunteered in​ a​ number of​ foreign countries. Needless to​ say,​ I needed to​ find out more about Danielle and her background.

Danielle completed a​ degree in​ environmental studies at​ the​ University of​ Waterloo and during her college years she traveled to​ Guatemala and Costa Rica. in​ her 3rd year of​ studies she went to​ Ecuador for two semesters. During the​ first semester she worked on​ academic studies,​ while during the​ second semester she volunteered in​ a​ coastal jungle project where she provided environmental education to​ local children,​ got involved in​ a​ tree planting program and worked in​ a​ women's program.

That year in​ Ecuador truly changed her life - Danielle came back a​ different person. the​ most striking experience was that she had developed a​ strong distaste for the​ materialism that is​ so prevalent in​ our western societies. a​ key memory for Danielle was meeting a​ family who had walked for four days through the​ jungle with a​ sick baby to​ try to​ reach medical facilities. Unfortunately the​ family did not reach the​ hospital in​ time and the​ baby died. Images like these shaped Danielle's realization how hard life is​ for so many people and how lucky we really are.

Danielle will tell us how difficult it​ was to​ come back to​ Toronto and not surprisingly she went back to​ Latin America not much later. Over a​ period of​ several years,​ Danielle lived,​ worked and volunteered in​ different locations in​ Latin America and fell in​ love with the​ countries,​ the​ language and the​ people. She will share stories of​ survival where she literally survived on​ about a​ dollar a​ day. During one of​ her stays in​ Latin America she linked up with G.A.P Adventures and eventually become one of​ their tour leaders. in​ the​ upcoming interview,​ Danielle will tell us more about her travel experience and her experience as​ a​ tour leader,​ continuously on​ the​ road for 12 months.

Today,​ Danielle is​ back in​ Toronto,​ and after various positions at​ the​ head office,​ she has become G.A.P's Sustainable Tourism Coordinator. Through her work Danielle makes a​ difference in​ a​ number of​ Latin American communities and demonstrates how individuals and private businesses can lend a​ hand to​ people in​ need.
Interview Preview Danielle Weiss Latin America Fan And Sustainable Travel Expert Interview Preview Danielle Weiss Latin America Fan And Sustainable
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