International Travel Accessory Tip 4 Must Have Travel Accessories

Whether you​ are traveling for business or​ vacation,​ you​ want to​ be able to​ relax and enjoy the​ trip and even take in​ some sights. When it​ comes time to​ do the​ packing for your trip,​ there’s always the​ question of​ what do I need?

Of course,​ you’ll need to​ pack the​ right kind of​ clothes for the​ climate you’re visiting,​ but when it​ comes to​ travel accessories,​ you​ want to​ take some essential items,​ without packing too much. a​ travel accessory store is​ a​ good place to​ get ideas for items you​ can bring on​ a​ trip.

Here are four travel accessories that you’ll want to​ take on​ your trip:

Passport Holder – in​ today’s cautious environment,​ everyone needs to​ have a​ passport,​ even children. You’ll want to​ keep your passport in​ something that will give you​ easy access to​ it,​ so you​ don’t have to​ go fishing around for it​ in​ your pockets or​ handbag.

The best kind of​ passport holder are ones that hang around your neck where you​ are not in​ danger of​ losing it. They are usually made out of​ leather or​ nylon and come in​ several colors.

Money Belt/Fanny Pack – when it​ comes to​ your money,​ you​ don’t want to​ take any chances that thieves will be able to​ easily steal from you​ on​ the​ road. Pickpockets and purse snatchers are always on​ the​ lookout for unwary travelers. a​ money belt or​ fanny pack keeps your money close to​ your body where it​ would be hard for somebody to​ quickly open and steal from you​ without your noticing.

A money belt is​ thin and has secure pockets. Money belts can be worn over or​ underneath clothing. They usually are not waterproof so you​ may want to​ put your cash in​ a​ plastic baggie to​ keep it​ from getting wet.

Fanny packs are bulkier and usually made out of​ leather or​ nylon. These are great to​ carry instead of​ a​ purse or​ wallet. It’s best to​ have the​ pockets facing the​ front of​ your body,​ or​ wear it​ on​ the​ side of​ your hip,​ where you​ can clearly see it​ at​ all times.

Travel First Aid Kit – nobody likes to​ think about it,​ but bumps,​ bruises and more can happen when you’re traveling. Because you​ are away from home and may not know the​ system of​ medical care of​ the​ city/country you’re traveling to,​ you​ should always carry a​ first aid kit with you.

Keep your first aid kit in​ your personal travel accessory bag so you’ll have easy access to​ it,​ if​ necessary. the​ kit should have bandages,​ gauze,​ cotton swabs,​ mild pain relief medication,​ antiseptic,​ scissors,​ insect repellent,​ etc. Some kits contain a​ lot more. It’s cheaper to​ buy a​ kit than to​ purchase first aid items individually.

Also,​ if​ you​ have any kind of​ medical condition,​ make sure you​ take along enough medication and supplies to​ last the​ entire trip.

Travel Alarm Clock – you’ve got important things to​ do on​ your trip and you​ don’t want to​ have to​ rely on​ a​ wake up call from the​ hotel front desk - what if​ they forget?

When you​ want to​ make sure you​ get up on​ time,​ purchase a​ simple travel alarm clock. These are portable,​ very accurate,​ and best of​ all inexpensive.
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