Ink And Toner Cartridges How Do I Start An Online Business From Home On A Low Budget Part 1

Ink and Toner Cartridges: How Do I​ Start an​ Online Business From Home on​ a​ Low Budget? Part 1
About a​ year ago I​ took over an​ existing online business from a​ friend of​ mine selling ink,​ toner and other printing consumables and decided that there was a​ lot of​ potential for promoting the​ website more aggressively over the​ internet .​
I​ started with maybe a​ hundred dollars or​ so and a​ handful of​ customers carrying over from the​ previous owner .​
One benefit was inheriting his website as​ that gave me a​ good benchmark on​ what I​ wanted and didn’t want when I​ got my own going.
Now a​ year later I​ have around ten times as​ many customers,​ a​ respectable page ranking in​ Google (more about this later),​ first page search engine rankings (SERP’s) in​ MSN with respectable SERP’s in​ Yahoo and Google still needs some work .​
Although I​ still have a​ long way to​ go (in truth I​ will always have a​ list of​ more stuff to​ do) I’ve made a​ good start and by all accounts done quite well considering my limited resources .​
I​ have found that there are a​ great deal of​ free or​ very cheap resources you​ can utilise for building and promoting a​ business online and this is​ what I​ shall be passing on​ through this series.
Although the​ following guide talks about starting an​ online business selling printing consumables in​ Australia you​ can apply much of​ it​ to​ other business types and I​ would imagine in​ other countries.
Why do you​ want to​ be in​ business & does having an​ online business suit you​ ?:-
Often people go into business with intention to​ get filthy rich overnight and then find themselves trapped with a​ crumbling edifice that consumes their lives but they have no passion for .​
So the​ question is​ why do you​ want to​ be in​ business to​ begin with? If your answer is​ something like ‘to make tons of​ money’ at​ some point you​ will need to​ rethink this as​ it​ wont be enough anymore .​
Of course I​ want to​ make more money than I​ currently do but it’s the​ lifestyle I​ will have when I​ have more money that creates my goals for next year,​ five years etc.
Personally my desire was to​ create a​ place on​ the​ internet people could go and shop with peace of​ mind knowing that they would be getting great service,​ great prices etc .​
My focus is​ always on​ developing good relationships with my customers and I​ believe this psychology actually affects my attitude to​ how I​ run my business as​ I​ am constantly looking for ways to​ better serve my customers needs rather than trying to​ figure out how to​ make more profit .​
I​ can honestly tell you​ that I​ rarely think about building my business in​ terms of​ profits,​ rather I​ try to​ identify ways to​ improve products and services to​ give current customers more bang for their buck and attract new clients.
As to​ whether what you​ wish to​ do would be suited to​ having your business online this is​ a​ trick question really because I​ can honestly say that it​ doesn’t matter what you​ do,​ you​ should definitely have a​ website for it​ ! If you​ have any doubts about whether its worth spending time and money getting your business online you​ can go to​ type a​ word into the​ box that represents a​ likely keyword for your business and look at​ what’s in​ the​ count column to​ see how many people have used that word or​ words in​ the​ last 60 days .​
Then it’s up to​ you​ as​ to​ whether you​ would like these people coming to​ your site as​ an​ additional source of​ revenue or​ whether you’re happy to​ let them go to​ your competition.
Anyway its about time I​ got into the​ good stuff so here goes…….
Registering your business & domain name:-
Your business name and domain name – you​ obviously need to​ decide on​ a​ business name and may have already done so but what may not be so obvious is​ taking into consideration your websites domain name BEFORE you​ choose a​ name for your business .​
Basically a​ domain name is​ what you​ call your website so for example the​ domain name for my website is​ and generally speaking you​ would have your domain name ending with either or​ and this makes you​ subject to​ the​ laws of​ Australian domain name registration as​ explained below .​
If you​ are going to​ register a​ website ending in​ either or​ there are some rules you​ need to​ know about .​
Australian rules of​ domain name registration state the​ domain name you​ order should have either be an​ exact match,​ acronym or​ abbreviation of​ the​ supplied business registration,​ or​ it​ should bear a​ close and substantial connection to​ the​ domain name,​ so before you​ rush out and register that really cool business name you’ve just thought of​ its worth your while checking first to​ see if​ the​ domain name has been taken or​ not .​
You don’t have to​ register your domain name ending as​ above,​ you​ can choose to​ register an​ international domain name such as​ .com or​ even use the​ name or​ a​ place or​ person instead of​ an​ Australian domain or​ in​ addition to​ .​
In fact this can be a​ smart thing to​ do if​ you’re looking for as​ many ways as​ possible to​ protect the​ name of​ your business or​ something you’re selling.
Choosing & registering a​ domain name - to​ choose a​ domain name you​ need to​ go to​ somewhere like Netregistry to​ see what’s available and as​ I​ mentioned above you’ll want to​ do this at​ the​ same time if​ not before registering the​ name for your business .​
There are quite a​ few places you​ can go to​ for checking whether the​ domain name you’ve chosen is​ available or​ not .​
The one I​ used is​ the​ one mentioned above but you​ don’t have to​ use them there are plenty of​ others .​
Its worth shopping around though as​ the​ prices vary quite a​ bit and it​ makes no difference at​ all who you​ register your domain name through as​ they all have to​ access their data from the​ same place meaning as​ soon as​ you​ register your domain no one else can get it​ even if​ they go to​ a​ different site to​ the​ one you​ used.
Using your top keywords in​ your domain name - If possible you​ should have the​ main keyword/s for your business in​ your domain name as​ it​ helps quite a​ bit with promoting your website online and getting lots of​ people to​ come to​ it .​
Keywords are something we’ll be covering later in​ much more depth but they are the​ words people use when they search for information on​ the​ internet using the​ search engines (you’ve heard of​ Google right ?) .​
Whatever business you’re in​ start thinking about the​ likely words people are going to​ use to​ find you​ on​ the​ internet .​
For example for my business ‘ink,​ toner & cartridges’ are the​ 3 top keywords people use in​ my industry when doing searches in​ google,​ yahoo etc.
Register for more than 1 year - When you​ register your domain name you​ should do so for at​ least 2 years as​ it​ will help you​ promote your website to​ the​ search engines and it’s not expensive at​ all really.
Sole trader,​ partnership or​ company? – This is​ very straightforward and is​ simply a​ matter of​ going to​ the​ government dept in​ your state that handles the​ registration of​ business names and companies .​
I’m not an​ accountant so I’m not going to​ go too much into which type you​ should use except to​ say that you​ should not choose one of​ these on​ the​ basis of​ wanting to​ protect your business name,​ logo or​ something the​ business sells that you’ve invented .​
Trademark and patents are designed for this and there are lawyers you​ should consult who specialise in​ setting them up.
Expired domains – I’ll go into this more later on​ but thought I’d give you​ a​ little taste of​ it​ now .​
Now that you​ know a​ little about domain name what do you​ imagine happens to​ the​ ones that people decide not to​ reregister each year or​ 2 years ? Well they go back into the​ pool and become available for the​ next person to​ grab but until someone else registers that domain again what about all the​ people (otherwise know as​ ‘traffic’) who are still trying to​ find that site ?
That’s right expired domains can be a​ great way to​ get traffic to​ your new site immediately for a​ very low cost and you​ can replicate this as​ many times as​ you​ want even if​ you​ only register an​ expired domain for a​ year it​ can be a​ very worthwhile exercise !! More about this later....
Well that’s for the​ first article in​ the​ series there’s a​ checklist below to​ help you​ keep on​ track .​
Hope you​ enjoyed it​ and stay tuned for the​ rest………..
What do I​ have to​ do checklist…………
For the​ sake of​ keeping it​ simple I’ll assume that you’ve chosen to​ register as​ a​ sole trader (this is​ where most of​ us start out anyway) in​ Victoria .​
Of course these figures vary from state to​ state for the​ business name and how much you​ pay for your domain depends on​ where you​ get it​ from so shop around!
1 .​
Part 1
a) Register a​ business name ($100.00)
b) Register a​ domain name ($45.00)
Ink And Toner Cartridges How Do I Start An Online Business From Home On A Low Budget Part 1 Ink And Toner Cartridges How Do I Start An Online Business From Home On
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