Inexpensive Travel

Inexpensive travel can be accomplished in​ two basic ways. First,​ get the​ best deals on​ the​ specific things you​ want. This approach is​ very limited though. For example,​ if​ you​ find the​ lowest price on​ the​ best hotel in​ Honolulu at​ the​ height of​ the​ season,​ you'll save money,​ but still have a​ very expensive room. Trying to​ get exactly what you​ want - or​ think you​ want - is​ an​ expensive proposition,​ in​ travel and in​ life.

The other approach to​ inexpensive travel is​ to​ be an​ opportunist. This may be difficult for some,​ and entirely unacceptable to​ others. Nonetheless,​ the​ travelers who get to​ travel the​ most,​ learn the​ most and do the​ most,​ are the​ opportunists.

When I first went to​ Ecuador,​ I went because it​ was cheap. if​ it​ wasn't,​ I would have had a​ great time anyhow - somewhere else. a​ month cost $1045,​ including airfare,​ a​ $130 fee for a​ guide to​ take me to​ the​ top of​ glacier-covered Mount Chimborazo,​ and everything else.

I cut the​ cost by taking a​ bus from my home in​ Michigan to​ Miami. Round-trip ticket: $158. the​ round-trip flight to​ Quito from Miami costs $256,​ because it​ was a​ courier flight. This meant I signed for some luggage (car parts),​ and could only take carry-on luggage.

I never felt deprived or​ bored. I had a​ great time,​ eating wherever it​ was cheap and clean,​ doing inexpensive and interesting things,​ and traveling across the​ country to​ climb Chimborazo. I also met and fell in​ love with my wife Ana.

How to​ Be an​ Opportunist Traveler

Can you​ drink rum at​ a​ dollar per bottle,​ instead of​ your favorite beer? Can you​ eat chicken instead of​ steak? How about visiting the​ free sights first,​ and dancing in​ the​ street festival instead of​ the​ disco?

As an​ opportunistic traveler you'll have more fun,​ and almost everything you​ want - eventually. Just stop trying to​ get exactly what you​ want exactly when you​ want it. if​ the​ guide for Chimborazo hadn't dropped his price from $200 to​ $130,​ I would have spent $2 for a​ bus and gone hiking on​ El Altar,​ another great Andean mountain. it​ would have left me with enough money for several other minor adventures.

There are many things to​ learn about how to​ travel cheap. on​ our last trip to​ Ecuador,​ for example,​ my wife and I discovered a​ way to​ save $1000 on​ plane tickets. Good information can save you​ a​ lot of​ money. a​ flexible,​ open-minded approach,​ however,​ is​ the​ real key to​ inexpensive travel.
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