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Applying for an​ India Travel Visa
You can’t travel abroad without a​ visa .​
But what is​ a​ visa anyway? Well,​ if​ you​ have plans of​ traveling to​ India,​ you​ must get an​ India travel visa.
Visa is​ a​ stamp,​ an​ official stamp,​ from the​ high commission or​ embassy in​ your traveling document or​ passport .​
It authorizes you​ and other travelers to​ go to​ India (or any other country) for a​ specific period and purpose .​
Take note of​ the​ word 'official' .​
You see,​ there are a​ lot of​ scammers out there who are able to​ go out of​ the​ country and enter into another without having an​ official visa .​
What can happen if​ you​ don’t have an​ official India visa? Your entry to​ India may be denied by the​ authorities .​
If in​ case you're able to​ enter the​ India and later on​ your entry was discovered,​ you​ can be repatriated .​
How can you​ get an​ India travel visa? That's quite easy .​
All you​ have to​ do is​ satisfy all the​ rules and visa regulations .​
After doing so,​ you​ can be issued an​ India travel visa .​
Some individuals fail to​ get visas but not because they are unqualified .​
The main reason why most people are denied is​ because they fail to​ understand the​ visa officer .​
Consider the​ following suggestions when applying for an​ India travel visa or​ any other visa .​
For the​ passport,​ first time travelers have 'virgin passports' .​
To the​ visa officer,​ this may mean that this is​ your first time to​ travel overseas or​ your previous visa applications to​ other countries were denied .​
Your passport may also have more than one visa .​
This can mean that other countries have confidence in​ you,​ that is​ why they gave you​ a​ visa .​
If this is​ your first time to​ apply for a​ visa,​ you​ have to​ determine first if​ India has a​ high rejection rate for visas .​
India is​ not that strict in​ the​ visa applications so even if​ you're a​ first-time India visa applicant,​ you​ have a​ high chance to​ get an​ approved visa .​
You can acquire India visa easily through the​ help of​ travel agencies .​
They will gladly assist you​ while you​ apply for a​ visa .​
Here are some of​ the​ questions that you​ need to​ answer personally before you​ go to​ the​ embassy –
1 .​
Do you​ have a​ convincing invitation letter?
2 .​
Have you​ pre-arranged a​ place or​ made hotel reservations abroad?
3 .​
Do you​ have a​ bank statement? How good is​ your financial status?
4 .​
Were you​ denied a​ visa application before?
5 .​
Were you​ previously convicted of​ any crime?
6 .​
Do you​ have a​ travel sponsor? If yes,​ who?
7 .​
What are your purposes in​ traveling to​ India?
These questions are of​ utmost importance .​
Your answers should be mostly positive so that you​ can be sure that your visa application will be accepted .​
If you're not sure about your answers,​ you​ can ask guidance from friends,​ relatives,​ and co-workers who previously secured an​ India travel visa .​
Getting an​ India travel visa is​ not that hard especially if​ you​ know your way around the​ embassy .​
Learn more about visa application online because you​ can find a​ lot of​ helpful information on​ the​ net .​
Prepare yourself .​
You can't afford to​ be denied a​ visa application because you​ cannot reach India without it​ and not only that,​ your passport will be affected as​ well and all your other visa applications in​ the​ future.
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