How To Treat Your Feet When Traveling

How to​ Treat Your Feet When Traveling
They say getting there is​ half the​ fun. But if​ you​ anticipate long hours on​ the​ road,​ on​ the​ tracks or​ in​ the​ air,​ getting there can be the​ worst part of​ your trip.
Chalk it​ up to​ tight transportation quarters or​ cramped positions. in​ fact,​ inactivity and sitting in​ one position for prolonged periods,​ as​ many people do while traveling,​ can stiffen muscles and hinder circulation. This inactivity can also cause health problems such as​ swelling of​ the​ feet and blood clots in​ the​ legs.
Finding relief and relaxation during your journey and at​ your destination can be as​ simple as​ knowing how to​ treat your feet. Moving and stretching your feet and legs and wearing proper footwear can help keep your circulation in​ check.
Give your feet and yourself a​ little tender loving care with these simple travel tips from the​ American Podiatric Medical Association.
* Work out right in​ your seat. Sprinting through the​ aisle may be out of​ the​ question,​ but physical activity is​ possible without irking other passengers,​ thanks to​ simple foot exercises.
Rotate each foot several times clockwise and counterclockwise,​ then repeat. Flex your toes up and down,​ working your calves. if​ room permits,​ try raising each knee,​ holding it​ there for a​ few seconds and tensing your thigh muscle. Or,​ simply wiggle your toes.
* Stay mobile. on​ a​ plane,​ when the​ pilot invites you​ to​ move about the​ cabin,​ take him up on​ it. Experts recommend stretching your legs and walking around at​ least once an hour. Request an aisle seat,​ if​ possible,​ to​ facilitate movement.
* Wear comfortable footwear. While traveling,​ loosen your shoelaces or​ take off your shoes. to​ keep swollen feet at​ bay during long flights,​ try wearing supportive elastic stockings. Pack supportive shoes and socks,​ especially if​ your vacation calls for plenty of​ sightseeing on​ foot.
If a​ special evening calls for high heels,​ wear heels no higher than 1. 5 inches. Heed podiatrists rule of​ thumb the​ wider the​ heel,​ the​ more support. For men,​ a​ pair of​ quality oxfords offers comfort during a​ night of​ dancing.
What should you​ do with new shoes that havent been broken in? Its best to​ leave them at​ home.
* Cool your heels. Pack a​ spa kit for your feet,​ complete with foot lotion for a​ soothing massage,​ a​ foot brush and pedicure materials for use after a​ full day of​ walking around.
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