How To Travel The World For Free

It sounds like a​ dream doesn't it? Hopping onto a​ plane and taking a​ flight to​ the​ destination of​ your choice. Imagine collecting your flight tickets to​ New York,​ London,​ Goa - or​ wherever takes your fancy - and not having to​ pay a​ cent for them.

For a​ few people,​ this dream is​ actually a​ reality. How? Simply put they have discovered a​ little travel secret - namely that a​ lot of​ companies will actually pay the​ travel expenses for you​ to​ oversee their package or​ document from one country to​ another. Now this may bring to​ mind images of​ having to​ smuggle a​ microfilm past some dodgy russian customs ala James Bond,​ but the​ reality is​ nowhere near as​ exciting or​ dangerous - which is​ great news for the​ budget traveller. the​ even better news is​ that with a​ little know how,​ any adult can act as​ a​ courier and score free and deeply discounted flight tickets to​ the​ destination of​ their choice.

It's completely legal and can save you​ thousands in​ saved airfare every year. Courier companies are continually on​ the​ lookout for willing travellers to​ carry their items overseas. There is​ nothing sinister about it​ and nothing is​ hidden from the​ authorities - the​ traveller is​ paid with a​ deeply discounted (and sometimes free) air ticket. According to​ a​ survey by the​ Air Courier Association the​ standard saving that travellers get when they act as​ a​ courier is​ 85% on​ the​ normal flight price. There isn't a​ travel agent in​ the​ world that will match such a​ discount.

So what are your responsibilities as​ a​ courier? Well it's as​ simple as​ turning up to​ the​ airport on​ time and meeting the​ courier companys representative at​ the​ destination airport. as​ soon as​ you​ walk through the​ customs area at​ your destination,​ your job is​ over.

What are the​ drawbacks of​ this deeply discounted travel? Well for a​ start you're probably only going to​ be allowed one carry on​ bag as​ your luggage - so learning how to​ travel light & pack efficiently is​ essential. It's also important to​ have some degree of​ flexibility in​ terms of​ when you're able to​ fly,​ though usually you​ can get many flights comfortably in​ advance. you​ also need to​ be at​ least 18 and obviously have a​ valid passport.

Assuming you're ok with these drawbacks,​ you​ can really fly to​ just about any destination at​ incredibly low costs.

Ready to​ go? the​ whole world awaits you!
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