How To Travel With Your Dog

It happens every year. Millions of​ vacationing and moving families face the​ question of​ "what to​ do about their pet." if​ on​ vacation,​ should you​ take him or​ leave him? as​ a​ member of​ the​ family,​ your pet is​ entitled to​ share the​ fun of​ travelling. on​ the​ other hand,​ some pets can take all the​ pleasure out of​ a​ trip. Think before you​ decide. a​ week or​ two in​ a​ clean,​ well-run boarding kennel might be your dog's idea of​ a​ perfect vacation!

A dog should be thoroughly familiar with riding in​ a​ car before you​ consider taking him on​ a​ long trip. After a​ few rides around town most dogs overcome their motion sickness and begin to​ enjoy riding with the​ family. if​ you​ pet does not travel well and continues to​ get sick or​ restless,​ consider a​ boarding kennel. Don't take a​ sick or​ unhappy dog on​ a​ trip. Both you​ and your pets will be miserable.

But suppose you​ decide to​ take him along. Keep in​ mind these important tips when travelling with your dog:

Be sure to​ make your hotel reservations well in​ advance,​ advising that you​ will have a​ dog with you. This could save much time and aggravation. Automobile clubs and hotel/motel guides often list facilities that accept dogs.

Take along your pet's own bowl. Use it​ for water and mixing his food. He will have an​ added feeling of​ security using his regular bowl. Try not to​ feed your pet for six or​ more hours prior to​ traveling. Most dogs travel better on​ this feeding schedule. Also take along a​ square of​ old blanket or​ his sleeping pad. This is​ your dog's travel bed in​ the​ car and motel. After you've shown him a​ few times,​ he'll understand.

You dog should wear two collars: One light chain-choke collar and a​ leather collar,​ rolled or​ flat. Put an​ identification tag on​ one and your local dog license on​ the​ other. Even if​ one collar is​ lost,​ he could be identified with the​ other.

A can of​ flea powder is​ a​ must. Your pet may start out without a​ single flea,​ but he could pick some up along the​ way. you​ don't want fleas in​ your car,​ and the​ hotel or​ motel doesn't want them either.

Some dogs insist on​ hanging their heads out the​ window. Don't permit this,​ as​ bits of​ grit may be driven into the​ eyes. in​ any case,​ the​ dog may get nasal and eye passage inflammation just from the​ wind. Keep him in​ his place and close the​ windows part way to​ discourage him.

If you​ will be traveling between several states or​ provinces,​ check with your veterinarian or​ humane society to​ find whether health certificates and proof of​ rabies vaccination are required. Most states and provinces require some form of​ health certificate.

Wherever you​ go,​ remember that you​ are responsible for your dog's conduct. the​ impression you​ make on​ hotel and motel managers will determine their attitude toward all dogs and dog owners. By planning ahead and observing the​ rules of​ courtesy,​ you​ can take your dog with you​ anywhere. if​ your pet enjoys car travel,​ you​ and your family can a​ expect a​ most enjoyable trip.

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