How To Travel Safely With Young Children When You Rent A Car

Holidays are meant to​ be relaxing,​ but when you’re travelling abroad with young children and need to​ hire a​ car at​ the​ airport of​ your destination,​ you​ should take a​ few moments to​ read the​ following tips in​ order to​ guarantee a​ safe and comfortable journey.

The most important thing to​ bear in​ mind is​ to​ protect your children at​ any time inside and outside the​ car. Do not allow any exceptions just while you’re on​ holiday.

When you​ book your holiday car make sure to​ reserve a​ car seat in​ advance. Child seats are considered additional services which are offered locally,​ but most car hire companies do not guarantee availability of​ the​ appropriate safety seat if​ this service was not booked in​ advance. Remember that occasionally they may go quickly,​ especially when you’re travelling in​ the​ high season and/or school holidays.

If you​ travel with small babies (less than 6-8 months old) please make sure that the​ car hire company confirms the​ availability of​ the​ appropriate size for the​ height and weight of​ your baby. Many car rental companies buy child seats in​ bulk and offer one standard model which is​ generally suitable for children from 8 months to​ 4 years,​ but these seats are not adequate for babies which are not able to​ sit upright. if​ the​ car hire company cannot guarantee the​ availability of​ the​ type of​ child seat you​ require for safety reasons you​ should consider bringing your own restraint. There is​ no way of​ travelling safely with such small children without the​ appropriate car seat.

In many cases you​ will be responsible for installing the​ car seat yourself,​ a​ rent a​ car does not normally come with the​ child seat pre-installed. Most car hire companies will hand over the​ safety seat when you​ sign the​ car rental agreement at​ the​ airport counter. For this reason we strongly recommend to​ previously do some practicing at​ home mounting your safety seat in​ your own car. Most parents fit the​ child seat in​ their car only once and forget how it​ was done. it​ is​ very frustrating not to​ be able to​ figure out how to​ fit the​ child seat in​ the​ hire car,​ especially after a​ long journey with yelling children in​ a​ badly illuminated car park at​ some unknown airport.

Here are some other important tips to​ bear in​ mind when you’ve packed the​ car and are ready to​ leave the​ airport:
- under no circumstances should children be left in​ the​ hire car without adult supervision.

- do not install a​ child seat on​ the​ passenger side if​ it​ comes with an​ airbag or​ check with the​ car hire company how to​ turn the​ passenger airbag off.

- before driving away double check once again that the​ child seat is​ installed correctly. I case of​ doubts try to​ get advice from the​ local car hire supplier.

- for children under 12 years it​ is​ always safest to​ travel in​ the​ back seat of​ the​ car.

- modern vehicles come with child locks on​ the​ back doors. Always try to​ use these locks if​ they are fitted.

- do not store any loose items in​ the​ rental car as​ these may cause serious injury in​ case of​ accidents.

- keep your children out of​ the​ way of​ all airbags and keep toys and other objects from getting between your kids and an​ airbag.

- do not forget to​ check the​ child’s position throughout the​ journey.
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