How To Travel Across America On A Harley Davidson Motorcycle

How to​ Travel Across America on​ a​ Harley Davidson Motorcycle
Imagine hopping on​ a​ big fat Harley Davidson motorcycle .​
As you​ turn the​ key,​ the​ motorcycle begins to​ rumble and your adrenaline starts to​ flow .​
With the​ wind on​ your face and pavement under your feet,​ you​ hit the​ road for an​ adventure of​ a​ lifetime.
Before heading out and exploring,​ you'll want to​ pick up a​ copy of​ Harley Davidson's Ride Atlas .​
This must-have guide has a​ durable rubber-like cover and contains well-designed and easy-to-read pages of​ scenic routes complete with detailed descriptions and maps .​
You'll also want to​ pick up a​ copy of​ Riding the​ World by Gregory Frazier .​
This unique book offers expert traveling advice to​ motorcycle riders and includes color photos,​ with sections on​ routes,​ motorcycle preparation,​ sleeping,​ eating,​ what to​ take,​ and whether to​ go it​ alone.
You don't need to​ own a​ Harley Davidson motorcycle to​ embark on​ a​ journey across America .​
There are many companies that allow riders to​ rent nearly any model of​ Harley Davidson motorcycle .​
Most offer travel packages that include hotel accommodations,​ sightseeing tours,​ and meals .​
Riders can rent a​ motorcycle daily,​ weekly,​ or​ monthly.
Ride Free Motorcycle Tours are designed to​ deliver life altering travel experiences .​
Ride Free offers a​ variety of​ tours including a​ cruise from L.A .​
to​ Vegas; a​ weekend ride along the​ California coastline; the​ Route 66 to​ Grand Canyon ride; and the​ ever-popular Sturgis Rally.
The Sturgis Rally began in​ 1938 and has grown to​ be a​ worldwide motorcycle event that attracts more than 500,​000 motorcycle enthusiasts each year .​
Bikers from all walks of​ life join together to​ celebrate their love of​ motorcycles and the​ freedom they provide.
EagleRider Motorcycle Rental has a​ nationwide network of​ locations where you​ can choose from the​ world's largest rental inventory of​ Harley Davidson motorcycles .​
While EagleRider specializes in​ motorcycle tours of​ San Francisco and Northern California,​ they also offer tours to​ destinations across the​ United States .​
Riders can escape for a​ weekend or​ participate in​ a​ month-long cross country tour .​
When traveling on​ a​ motorcycle,​ the​ first thing you​ must realize is​ you​ will have to​ pack lightly and include only the​ basic essentials .​
Pack a​ small travel bag for personal items and include travel size bottles of​ everything needed .​
Choose items that have multiple uses such as​ an​ Army knife .​
Saddle bags are one of​ the​ best options when it​ comes to​ storing food,​ clothing and personal gear .​
Take clothing that is​ versatile,​ easy to​ care for,​ and requires little space .​
Bring along sealable storage bags or​ plastic grocery bags to​ store dirty clothes or​ dispose of​ any trash .​
If you​ will be camping out,​ you​ can use the​ luggage rack or​ passenger seat to​ hold camping equipment .​
Look for lightweight gear and compact equipment that can be tightly folded or​ rolled up .​
Cooking equipment should be limited to​ one pot and eating utensils.
If you're riding your own motorcycle,​ take it​ in​ for a​ thorough check-up before heading out on​ an​ extended trip .​
If you're renting a​ motorcycle,​ ask the​ representative to​ show you​ the​ written maintenance record on​ the​ motorcycle before taking it​ out on​ the​ road.
Always chart your route so that you​ know where gas stations,​ restaurants and camping facilities are located .​
Leave a​ copy of​ your route with a​ friend or​ family member and keep a​ map and compass handy so you​ don't get lost on​ the​ road or​ while camping .​

Harley Davidson motorcycles are one-of-a-kind bikes,​ designed for the​ ultimate driving experience .​
Isn't it​ time you​ threw your cares to​ the​ wind and ventured out for a​ weekend getaway or​ a​ month long hiatus?
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