How To Make Your Family And Friends Your Investors Minimizing The Risks Of Personal Loans

How to​ Make Your Family And Friends Your Investors - Minimizing the​ Risks Of Personal Loans
Most people don’t realize that over half the​ businesses in​ America are financed by money from family and friends .​
The truth is​ everyone relies on​ their circles when they have nowhere else to​ go .​
Someone with mediocre credit may have a​ difficult time getting a​ start-up loan from a​ bank,​ but Mom and Dad will always help out if​ they can.
Weighing the​ Pros and Cons
There are inherent risks and advantages to​ getting a​ private loan over a​ bank loan:
• Not clarifying both parties’ expectations .​
If you​ don’t have a​ clear repayment plan and stick to​ it,​ it’s very easy to​ get behind or​ to​ never set the​ money aside to​ pay off the​ lump sum.
• Relationships can be damaged when money gets involved .​
Your lender can resent feeling used or​ taken advantage of​ if​ you​ default .​
And either party can get hurt if​ they feel the​ money is​ being valued over the​ relationship.
• Flexible terms—typically the​ repayment doesn’t start immediately,​ and you​ can create a​ payment schedule that works for both you​ and your lender.
• Better interest rates—This is​ particularly true if​ your alternative is​ credit card financing .​
And with most start-up businesses,​ banks are probably going to​ steer you​ in​ that direction.
Show Them you​ Mean Business—Getting Outside Help
Loan administration companies minimize the​ risks involved in​ private loans by creating legal documents and administering repayments .​
By approaching your friends or​ family with a​ legal agreement for you​ both to​ sign,​ you​ can help allay some of​ their fears .​
Says Asheesh Advani,​ president and CEO of​,​ the​ more you​ do to​ reassure them you​ have a​ plan in​ case you​ can’t make a​ payment,​ the​ more they feel that you’ve thought this through and that the​ relationship will survive the​ transaction.
If something should come up,​ and you​ know you’re going to​ be unable to​ make a​ payment,​ you​ can go to​ your loan administrator ahead of​ time .​
With the​ permission of​ your private lender,​ they’ll spread your missed payment over the​ life of​ the​ loan .​
Or they’ll restructure the​ loan and lower your payments .​
But they’ll help work out an​ arrangement where you​ both feel comfortable.
A major benefit of​ having a​ loan administrator is​ the​ security it​ gives your investors that your loan will stay on​ track .​
Each month,​ the​ loan servicing company moves the​ money from your account to​ your lender’s account by direct debit and direct deposit .​
This way,​ there’s no chance you’ll be out of​ town and forget,​ or​ be late with,​ a​ payment .​
Says Advani,​ It’s a​ great way to​ not find yourself in​ a​ hole.
How To Make Your Family And Friends Your Investors Minimizing The Risks Of Personal Loans How To Make Your Family And Friends Your Investors Minimizing The Risks
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