How To Lower Your Cost Of Gas Travel

How to​ Lower Your Cost Of Gas & Travel
Are you​ sick and tired of​ watching the​ price of​ gas go up on​ a​ regular basis? Have you​ had enough when it​ comes to​ traffic and the​ inconvenience of​ travel? Would you​ like to​ reduce your travel related stress while at​ the​ same time reducing your costs as​ well? If you’ve answered yes to​ any of​ these questions,​ read on…
After hearing so many people recently complain and moan about the​ high price of​ gas and the​ inconvenience of​ travel,​ and after recently observing gas prices go over $3.50 per gallon,​ I​ finally reached my breaking point when I​ saw a​ news report about the​ airlines thinking of​ offering seats which will allow the​ passenger the​ pleasure of​ standing throughout a​ flight! I​ knew at​ this point that the​ time had come for me to​ let the​ traveling public know that there is​ an​ alternative.
The first thing I​ did was create and design a​ new website to​ show all individuals and business people how much their gas and travel is​ currently costing them .​
If you​ go to​,​ and put in​ the​ information requested,​ an​ automatic calculator will show you​ how much money you​ are currently spending on​ gas,​ as​ well as​ how much Middle Eastern oil you​ are using up .​
In addition,​ instead of​ just adding salt to​ the​ wound,​ I​ also offer a​ solution to​ help individuals reduce their cost of​ gas and travel by implementing an​ inexpensive technology.
And what exactly is​ this inexpensive technology that I​ mention here? Well,​ it​ is​ what I​ call browser based Video & Web Conferencing .​
With browser based Video and Web Conferencing,​ all you​ need is​ an​ Internet connection and an​ Internet browser and you​ can meet with other people .​
If you​ wish to​ be seen,​ you​ will also need a​ web camera or​ webcam,​ which is​ available for $15 and up at​ electronics stores (Best Buy,​ Circuit City),​ as​ well as​ office supply stores (Staples,​ Office Depot) .​
If you​ want to​ be heard,​ you​ will need either a​ headset or​ a​ microphone and speakers .​
The best part about browser based video and web conferencing is​ that since a​ browser pretty much comes with EVERY computer purchased,​ this means you​ can hear and see people no matter where in​ the​ world you​ or​ they are located – even if​ you​ or​ they are vacationing in​ a​ hotel! as​ long your meeting guest has Internet access,​ they can be part of​ your meeting.
Browser based Video and Web Conferencing can save all individuals (and especially the​ business traveler) money,​ time and aggravation and has actually been around for several years now .​
In my mind,​ the​ fact that people are wasting their money,​ at​ over $3.50 per gallon,​ driving to​ appointments,​ and unnecessarily spending money on​ airline tickets and hotels when there is​ a​ viable alternative available is​ not only wrong,​ it​ is​ un-patriotic!
In addition to​ lowering the​ cost of​ gas and travel,​ browser based video and web conferencing can also help families stay together and whole .​
It is​ unconscionable that parents have to​ travel and be away from their children and loved ones when they can accomplish the​ same tasks of​ meeting with their customers,​ clients and colleagues anywhere in​ the​ world without leaving the​ comfort of​ their home or​ office.
I encourage you​ to​ see how much your gas and travel are currently costing you​ .​
Just go to​,​ put in​ the​ information requested,​ and an​ automatic calculator will show you​ how much money you​ could save,​ as​ well as​ how much Middle Eastern oil you​ are using,​ by not taking advantage of​ inexpensive technologies available today,​ including browser based video and web conferencing.
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