How To Learn Reiki And Become A Reiki Master

How to​ Learn Reiki and​ Become a​ Reiki Master
Reiki is​ a​ spiritual and​ physical healing practice that helps individuals overcome health issues and​ produce stress management in​ their lives. ​
Reiki has been used for healing since the​ end of​ the​ last century,​ but is​ still growing in​ popularity today. ​
Listed below are the​ steps to​ take if ​ you​ desire to​ learn Reiki and​ become a​ Reiki Master.
There are three levels of​ Reiki that must be completed in​ order to​ become a​ Reiki Master. ​
These are the​ First Degree level,​ the​ Second Degree level,​ and​ the​ Master/Teacher,​ or​ Third Degree,​ level. ​
Each level is​ explained below.
First Degree Reiki
In the​ First Degree level of​ Reiki,​ youll learn how Reiki works,​ Reikis historical background,​ and​ the​ different types of​ Reiki systems that exist today. ​
Youll also be initiated into Reiki and​ receive your first Reiki energy experience through Reiki Attunement. ​

Through Reiki Attunement,​ youll learn firsthand how to​ tune in​ to​ Reiki energy and​ use it​ for stress management and​ physical and​ emotional healing. ​
This initiation usually involves lying on​ your back or​ stomach while a​ Master or​ practitioner places his or​ her hands from your head to​ toes to​ approximate the​ traditional chakra locations. ​
The energy flows through the​ Masters hands into your body.
Although much training is​ provided through home courses and​ online courses,​ you​ should receive your Reiki Attunement through a​ Master in​ person to​ fully understand Reiki. ​
Once youve experienced Reiki for yourself,​ youll start learning how to​ give others Reiki treatments.
Second Degree Reiki
In the​ Second Degree level of​ Reiki,​ youll expand on​ your initial experiences. ​
Youll learn about distance healing as​ well. ​
Distance healing involves channeling Reiki energies to​ someone in​ another town or​ even another country! the​ energy vibration is​ different with this type of​ Reiki. ​
it​ has a​ higher proportion of​ energy from the​ Source and​ a​ lower proportion of​ Chi than the​ First Degree level. ​
Where the​ First Degree level promotes primarily physical healing,​ the​ Second Degree level promotes healing on​ a​ mental,​ spiritual and​ emotional level.
Master/Teacher Reiki or​ Third Degree Level
In the​ Master/Teacher,​ or​ Third Degree,​ level of​ Reiki,​ youll learn how to​ use Reiki symbols and​ what they mean. ​
Youll also learn how to​ use various methods of​ stress management such as​ healing drumming and​ crystal healing with crystals. ​
Youll become familiar with sacred mantras and​ how the​ different energies work so you​ can teach others. ​
Youll also be able to​ perform Reiki Attunements.
There are many workshops,​ online and​ offline,​ to​ help you​ learn Reiki. ​
There are also places you​ can go to​ have a​ wonderful Reiki experience,​ such as​ the​ Bell Rock Vortex in​ Sedona,​ Arizona. ​
Wherever you​ go or​ whomever you​ choose to​ help you​ along the​ Reiki journey,​ make sure to​ open yourself fully to​ the​ Reiki energy so you​ can experience its true healing power.
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