How To Improve Your Group Travel Experience

I took my first group tour this summer. That was a​ learning experience. Don’t get me wrong. I had lots of​ fun,​ but for someone who has always traveled alone,​ I had some “learning” to​ do.

First things first! Getting to​ know my co-travellers! This was easy and fun,​ cause our group leader organized several get-togethers way in​ advance,​ so we could get to​ know each other,​ and get all or​ questions answered. And there were many questions,​ like,​ where would we stay,​ where can we buy travel insurance,​ what should we bring,​ what will immigration and customs documents will be need! And more.

Then roommates had to​ be assigned,​ because it​ would be cheaper to​ share a​ room than to​ have your own room. So unless you​ were a​ family ,​ you​ got a​ roommate. I got two roommates,​ and we really hit it​ off. One roommate was a​ die hard shopper,​ and the​ other was an​ eternal organizer. So between the​ three of​ us,​ we had a​ ball.

But I did have to​ learn to​ be patient. Our group was very diverse. We had kids,​ teenagers,​ and some older persons. So things did not always move as​ quickly ( or​ as​ efficiently) as​ when I travel alone. We usually had to​ wait and make sure that everyone was accounted for before our tour bus could leave for the​ next stop. Hotel check-ins did not always go smoothly,​ but once we got settled the​ rooms were comfortable.

The key to​ enjoying group travel is​ to​ be patient and to​ be considerate. Be flexible and tolerant in​ order to​ accommodate others in​ the​ group,​ and do your best to​ stick to​ the​ itinerary schedule. Don’t show up at​ 7:30 when the​ Bus was scheduled to​ leave at​ 7AM. Take your sense of​ humor with you,​ and you​ will definitely have a​ good time.

Group travel is​ an​ excellent way to​ make new friends and to​ foster old friendships. if​ you​ want to​ spend quality time with your friends,​ family members,​ or​ business colleagues and enjoy a​ wonderful vacation experience at​ the​ same time,​ then I highly recommend a​ group travel tour!
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