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Holiday Gifts: Pets
Pets are wonderful .​
They cheer you​ up when you​ are down,​ keep you​ laughing,​ and love you​ no matter what .​
There is​ very little more heartwarming than seeing a​ child who has fallen asleep curled up next to​ a​ puppy.
Pets are a​ very common gift for children at​ holidays .​
Puppies and kittens at​ Christmas,​ baby ducks,​ chicks and bunnies at​ Easter and so forth .​
What child's eyes wouldn't light up at​ the​ sight of​ a​ brand new baby animal to​ hold and hug? the​ promises to​ love,​ feed and take care of​ the​ new additions to​ the​ family flow like water .​

The critters are soft,​ warm and fuzzy gifts for certain but,​ and it's a​ big but,​ they all grow up and in​ just a​ few short weeks are no longer cute little puppies but big romping barking dogs,​ the​ cuddly little kittens have turned into large aloof cats .​
the​ baby ducks and chicks are no longer soft and fuzzy,​ but big,​ noisy and messy,​ and those two bunnies,​ Fred and George turned out to​ be Fred and Georgia!
Pets are a​ long term commitment and buying a​ pet as​ a​ gift should be a​ well planned and thought out move not a​ spur of​ the​ moment decision based on​ emotional reaction .​

If you​ are honestly thinking of​ getting someone a​ pet for the​ holidays (even if​ it​ is​ not for a​ child) be sure it​ is​ something you​ would do even if​ there were no holiday involved .​

Make sure the​ gift fits .​
If the​ primary responsibility of​ caring for the​ animal is​ going to​ fall to​ a​ young child you​ don't want to​ get a​ dog that will quickly grow to​ the​ size of​ a​ small pony which the​ child wouldn't be capable of​ handling .​
you​ might also want to​ make sure you​ expose your child to​ other people's pets for decent lengths of​ time before buying a​ pet,​ so if​ by chance they have allergic reactions to​ animals you​ will know before you​ bring one home for them to​ fall in​ love with .​
This will also give you​ the​ time to​ convince them that they would really prefer a​ turtle,​ lizard or​ something else that doesn't have dander.
Keep in​ mind those animals,​ like babies,​ cost money way above and beyond the​ purchase price .​
Food,​ leashes,​ food,​ collars,​ food and water bowls,​ training supplies,​ food,​ toys,​ vet bills,​ food,​ licenses and tags,​ and more food!
There is​ a​ great deal of​ time that has to​ be invested in​ most any pet and the​ holidays are not always a​ good time to​ be doing that .​
the​ hustle and excitement of​ a​ houseful of​ friends and family may not be the​ ideal setting for a​ new puppy,​ kitten,​ or​ any other young animal .​
a​ better idea might be to​ cut out a​ picture of​ the​ pet you​ have in​ mind and put that in​ a​ card and make sure the​ child understands that as​ soon as​ the​ holidays have passed and things have gone back to​ a​ normal relaxed state they can help pick out the​ newest member of​ the​ family .​
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