Hidden Cameras For Pets

You can find hidden cameras for all sorts of​ purposes now. They come in​ all sorts of​ things too. you​ can get teddy bears with a​ camera in​ the​ nose,​ to​ watch the​ babysitter. a​ pack of​ cigarettes that is​ actually a​ camera can record your conversations. However,​ there is​ one camera invention that I haven't yet seen marketed: hidden pet cameras.

I imagine it​ has been done a​ number of​ times by those who play with - I mean work with - surveillance equipment. it​ seems a​ natural thing to​ look at​ the​ dog one day and say,​ "Hey,​ let's put a​ camera on​ Fido." Now we just need someone to​ make it​ into a​ workable product.

Hidden Cameras on​ Collars

Most likely,​ the​ cameras would have to​ be attached at​ the​ collar of​ either dogs and/or cats. the​ weight isn't an​ issue now,​ since there are cameras that weigh an​ ounce out there. Hiding the​ camera might be the​ real challenge. Perhaps a​ flower or​ bow on​ the​ dogs collar might do the​ trick,​ with the​ lens in​ the​ center.

Of course,​ the​ camera would have to​ transmit the​ image to​ a​ remote monitor or​ recording device. the​ range on​ these types of​ cameras is​ enough now to​ get a​ clear image from around the​ neighborhood.

Why Hidden Cameras For Pets?

Novelty value is​ a​ start. Just strap the​ camera on​ Spot,​ and let him go wander the​ neighborhood while you​ watch the​ show. Just don't tell the​ neighbors you​ saw what happened in​ their backyard. Naturally,​ all the​ surveillance enthusiasts out there would have to​ add this invention to​ their collections.

With a​ trained dog,​ you​ could use this system for more specific spying. it​ has probably been done before,​ whether or​ not such a​ camera has been marketed yet. the​ first such use might be for a​ reporter's expose of​ the​ conditions in​ dog kennels.

Now the​ people at​ PETA might not like this next idea for these hidden cameras,​ but it​ is​ a​ natural. in​ a​ war zone,​ dogs could go into areas that are too dangerous for soldiers,​ and provide a​ view of​ what's going on. There might be similar applications in​ criminal investigations too.

Finally,​ have you​ ever wondered where your cat goes all day? or​ where the​ kids go when they have the​ dog along? you​ could easily find out with these hidden cameras.
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