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The storybooks abound with tales of​ heroic pets,​ and the​ amazing deeds they performed to​ save their masters from danger,​ or​ protect innocent children from harm. the​ classic TV series Lassie featured the​ classic "heroic" family dog,​ seemingly saving disaster-prone Timmy from a​ new and horrific fate in​ each episode. But few of​ us have personally been saved by a​ pet,​ or​ know a​ close friend who has. you​ almost have to​ wonder if​ such hero pets are just a​ topic for fiction writers,​ or​ if​ such animals really do save lives on​ a​ daily basis around the​ world.

As it​ happens,​ not only do hero pets really exist,​ but a​ number of​ organizations even collect their stories and recognize the​ outstanding cases for their deeds. Readers Digest magazine has a​ long standing "Hero Pets" feature,​ including stories of​ dogs and cats who have roused their families in​ time to​ escape from house fires,​ saved children from being attacked by animals,​ and many other admirable feats. Purina maintains their Animal Hall of​ Fame for Canadian hero pets,​ cataloging the​ most admirable stories submitted each year. Their immortalized heros include a​ dog who alerted his owner to​ her undiagnosed cancer in​ time to​ successfully treat it.

Hero pets also exist in​ far more day-to-day circumstances,​ especially in​ the​ ranks of​ trained aid and guide animals. a​ trained assistance dog can alert an​ epileptic owner of​ an​ impending seizure in​ time for the​ human to​ safely deal with the​ situation,​ or​ alert a​ diabetic or​ hypoglycemic person of​ a​ dangerous fluctuation in​ their blood sugar before serious damage occurs. Family dogs are renowned for not allowing harm to​ come to​ the​ family children,​ although unlike Lassie they're more likely to​ protect their charges by staying with them in​ dangerous situations than running home to​ fetch their parents.

Does every beloved pet have the​ capacity to​ become a​ hero? a​ lucky owner will never be in​ a​ situation to​ find out,​ and it's quite possible that not all animals possess the​ honed instincts or​ extreme loyalty to​ perform the​ greatest heroic feats. However,​ even the​ most pedestrian of​ pets still have the​ capacity to​ perform "everyday heroics,​" like keeping their people company during times of​ stress and sadness,​ actually helping to​ lower their humans' blood pressure and even prolong their lives,​ and helping to​ teach children loyalty and responsibility in​ ways their parents can't. Perhaps every pet is​ a​ hero,​ whether we recognize it​ or​ not!
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