For The Best Pets Look To The Unusual

If you’re searching for really terrific pets,​ you​ may want to​ take a​ little walk into the​ unusual. While dogs and cats – arguably the​ two most common and beloved pets – are good choices,​ there are some other animals out there that may very well be better suited to​ your lifestyle.

To find the​ perfect pet,​ start by examining your reasons for wanting to​ take this step. That reason is​ very important. For example,​ if​ you’re looking for companionship,​ a​ turtle probably isn’t the​ best answer. But if​ you​ have a​ child and you’re looking for a​ pet to​ help teach responsibility,​ a​ turtle may be just what you​ need. Here are some other pets that may not have immediately come to​ mind.

Gerbils,​ hamsters and mice – Yes,​ they’re rodents and that may be an​ immediate turn-off for some people,​ but these little guys can be really good pets for several reasons. They don’t take up much room,​ they don’t eat much and they’re fairly easy to​ care for. on​ the​ downside,​ they also tend to​ have shorter life spans than some other animals,​ meaning the​ kids (and adults) who become attached to​ them face the​ heartbreak of​ losing their pet sooner. Remember that they still take care,​ even though they’re very small. Cages can become very smelly if​ not cleaned regularly.

Hermit crabs – These are a​ recent hit with many people and you’ll find that hermit crabs are readily available in​ malls and pet stores. They’re not cuddly and they’re very shy,​ but there are some positive points. if​ handled carefully and often,​ they can become quite friendly. Children can learn a​ lot from watching them drink,​ burrow and change shells. Care is​ minimal and the​ biggest routine chore is​ probably keeping the​ sponges wet (hermit crabs drink from a​ sponge).

Prairie dogs – Quite a​ few people have discovered that these furry little guys make great indoor pets. They’re inquisitive and most have very unique personalities. if​ raised in​ captivity,​ a​ prairie dog will typically be happy to​ remain inside with no attempts at​ escape. They can be litter box trained and many families report that their prairie dogs have free roam of​ the​ house. the​ downsides include the​ fact that these animals like to​ chew. if​ trained well,​ they’ll chew only in​ designated places,​ but furniture and clothing can become casualties of​ their need to​ gnaw. Remember,​ they’re wild animals and you​ should be careful of​ your source to​ be sure you​ have a​ healthy animal.

There are plenty more options that you​ may not have considered. if​ you’re looking for great pets,​ don’t immediately assume that a​ cat or​ dog are your only choices.
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