Effective Pet Classifieds Advertising Tips

According to​ Jupiter Research,​ by 2018,​ Online Classified Advertising will reach 3.5 Billion Dollars annually. Pet classifieds are expected to​ triple in​ numbers every year as​ more and more Internet users seek classified listings online for their pet needs. Pet and pet services classifieds online are creating new marketplaces where non-profit pet organizations,​ pet service providers,​ pet breeders,​ and pet owners are meeting and doing business 24 hours a​ day,​ seven days a​ week using the​ internet.

Currently,​ there are thousands of​ online websites that offer Pet classifieds services that can help you​ find new homes for Pets,​ showcase your pet products or​ pet services. However,​ not all of​ them are effective and you​ can end up getting nothing out of​ them. After being extremely successful running a​ Pet classifieds website for over two years,​ we know what works and what does not.

With online Pet classifieds,​ the​ more information you​ provide the​ better it​ is. People who are serious about pets have already done their research before making a​ decision to​ adopt or​ buy a​ pet. Most people looking for pets know exactly what type of​ pet would be a​ good fit for them. Information you​ include in​ your pet classifieds description can help them make decision quicker. as​ an​ example,​ keep your ad title very specific. For example,​ if​ you​ have a​ Golden retriever that you​ like to​ advertise in​ Pet classifieds,​ use titles such as:

  • Golden Retriever For Sale or​ Adoption

  • Golden Retriever for Sale or​ Adoption in​ Miami,​ FL

  • Six Months Old Golden Retriever For Sale or​ Adoption

Post a​ Picture of​ Your Pet

Pictures talk more than words. Pet classifieds with pictures receive approximately 5 times more responses than classifieds without a​ photo. People interested in​ your pet will almost always ask for pictures of​ the​ pet before making a​ decision. Always,​ keep extra pictures of​ your pet ready.

Your location information

The first preference of​ anyone looking for pets would be from the​ region close to​ them. So always provide the​ location of​ your pet. This also helps to​ bring your pet ad rank higher when someone searches on​ a​ specific location; thus giving your ad more exposure.

Shipping Information

Advantage with online Pet classifieds is​ that they get people interested in​ your pet or​ pet product from coat-to-coast. So be very clear if​ you​ would be able to​ ship the​ pet or​ if​ it​ is​ a​ local pickup only. if​ you​ ship,​ be specific about your shipping policies.

Choose Pet classified sites that can get results

Today,​ there are millions of​ classifieds sites where you​ can advertise your available Pets,​ Pet Services or​ Pet Products. in​ fact,​ as​ of​ writing of​ this article,​ Google returns more than 29 Million links for a​ search on​ the​ keyword “Pet Classifieds”. Visit Google.com and enter keyword “Pet Classifieds” to​ check for yourself.

According to​ the​ Search engine statistics,​ most people do not go beyond 3 pages to​ find what they are looking for. in​ fact,​ majority of​ people don’t go beyond the​ first page of​ search result. What does that mean to​ you? it​ means,​ you​ should only advertise your on​ websites that ranks high on​ the​ three major search engine that drives more than 80% of​ Internet traffic. These search engines are Google,​ Yahoo and MSN in​ no particular order. the​ sites that rank high on​ these Search engines can provide a​ wider exposure to​ reach highly potential people who can purchase or​ adopt pets,​ pet services and pet products. Your return on​ investment is​ much greater and faster by advertising on​ sites that rank high.

Beware of​ Online Classifieds Scams

While online Pet classifieds offers the​ most cost effective and convenient ways of​ advertising your Pets,​ Pet Products and Pet Services,​
it also attracts more and more scammers who pose as​ potential buyers. Always remember that not all inquiries you​ receive are from the​
legitimate buyers who are interested in​ what you​ offer. Always be careful online,​ especially if​ the​ transaction is​ long distance.
For more information on​ Online Pet Classifieds and how you​ can protect yourself from such scams,​ read our Scam Alert.
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